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Later, I’ll add this free relaxation audio to the resources section of this, my brand-new website, but meanwhile, for those of you looking for this very popular and super-useful instant relaxation audio for people of all ages, it’s a podcast HERE.
Stress is a positive physical response to the need to super-perform but sometimes we can feel too stressed or respond at times when we don’t need this reaction. When this happens, our breathing becomes shallow and various muscles tighten unnecessarily, making us tense when we don’t need to be. The art is to recognise these times and have a tool to take the breathing down to an optimal level and relax the tense muscles. This ability is incredibly useful. Not only does it protect against the longterm effects of repeated stress but it also improves performance at those times when stress is appropriate but excessive. This exercise is something everyone should be able to do. Practise before a stressful situation and you have a tool you can use any time, any place, and no one even knows you’re doing it.
I plan to do more podcasts as soon as I’ve finished other urgent work so do consider subscribing to my podcast channel. I’ve neglected it recently but really do want to start doing it seriously. Speaking and writing vie for being my favourite activities, after all! (Well, along with gardening…)
For much more information and advice about wellbeing and stress management, see:

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However, I absolutely believe that the best and simplest way to teach the necessary understanding and skills to your students is to buy Stress Well for Schools, my original, comprehensive, structured, easy-to-use and super-value classroom materials. There’s everything you need in there! It’s currently only £60 for a perpetual, limitless licence and the price will definitely go up during the next few months as too many people have told me it’s Far Too Cheap. I mean, really, a perpetual limitless licence which you can use with every student aged 10-19, for ever?


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