52 WAYS to WELLBEING – get started here!

Introducing my new podcast series, 52 WAYS to WELLBEING

All episodes are under ten minutes and are specially designed to be perfect for listening to in a school assembly, tutor group or just on your way to school or work – or any time you have 5-10 minutes for listening to my calm voice of reassurance and common sense ideas!

As of Jan 24th, the introduction and three episodes have gone live so far (and ignore the message from Podomatic – you don’t have to sign up via Facebook). One more will go out on Jan 28th. From then on I will try to get them out on a Friday.

Here are the first ones:

  1. The introduction – important to listen to this
  2. And Way 1: SET SMART GOALS

Here’s a link to the whole podcast, where you can hear the third episode and fourth tips and some other items, too. And do subscribe – it’s free, of course!

These episodes will go out roughly once a week, and some will contain more than one Way to Wellbeing. You can download them if you like so that you can play them whenever you like. Although all the advice applies to all age groups, the tone is specifically directed at young people of 10 to 18.



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