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THREE webinars - Understanding Teens, Teens in Pandemic + Teens and Sleep (videos + resources) - family licence


All three recorded webinars (plus all the accompanying PowerPoints, handouts and extras), Understanding teenagers, Teens and Sleep and Teens in a Pandemic (and tough times).

Details for each webinar:

Come away with deepened insights into teenage brains, wellbeing, psychology, motivations and lives. Aimed at parents, carers, teachers and other professionals living or working with young people aged 10-25. Or anyone just interested in the fascinating human mind!

Key features

  • All the videos and PowerPoints
  • Generous bundle of extra documents in a folder: handouts and tips about anxiety, stress management, sleep, healthy screen use
  • From The Teenage Brain Woman, Nicola Morgan, an multi-awarding-winning author and speaker on adolescent minds, wellbeing and performance
  • In Nicola’s hallmark articulate, engaging and reassuring voice, brilliantly informative, with depth and breadth

Licence Terms

This licence is for personal use within one household. (There is a separate school/organisation licence if you want to use it in your school or workplace or to share with one or more colleagues.) When you purchase this item, you confirm that you have read and agreed these Terms and Conditions: #INDIVIDUAL LICENCE. Any queries, just use the Contact page above.

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