The Teenage Guide to Life Online (signed copy available)


The Teenage Guide to Life Online is published by Walker Books. It takes a balanced, clear and informed look at what happens to us all – young and old – when we spend time on the internet or screens. In this book, I explore the pros and cons of life in the Digital Age, from the information explosion to the growth of social media. Using best evidence and strong understanding of psychology, I investigate hot topics like fake news and online privacy, multi-tasking and distraction, addiction and over-use, and draw on fascinating, cutting-edge research into how the internet and screen-use affect our ability to concentrate, our mood and sleep patterns. This is a book for families to share: a way for teenagers, their parents and carers to inform themselves about the many advantages and risks of life online. With strategies!

Some extras for you:

  • Download a poster of The Teenage Guide to Life Online and my other Walker Books titles HERE.
  • Download free Teaching Notes for the book HERE.
  • Download a card/poster of four top tips for online wellbeing

HERE. I will also send a physical signed one any time you buy a signed book from my website and you’ll get a selection of cards and posters if your school buys books or teaching materials.

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As above! I am rather overwhelmed by having two books out on the same day and I’m trying to be concise, so just take a look at the full cover here – it does what it says on the tin! Also, the Teaching Notes (see link above) give you a very good idea of what the book covers.

Favourite review (so far) here, from blogger, My Peacock Books.