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Ten Ways to Build a Brilliant Brain

(Coming in August 2022)

The human brain is incredibly complicated but surprisingly simple to use well, once you know how. In this book aimed at anyone from around the age of nine (and even if you were 90 it wouldn’t be too late!) I show you ten ways you can get the very best out of your brilliant brain. You’ll learn WHY certain actions work so well and HOW to build them easily into your life. From what to eat to why taking breaks boosts your brain, from curiosity to the power of reading, it’s all here.

You’ll also find lots of fascinating facts about the lump of stuff in your head, brain boosts to fire up your neurons NOW, and real questions from real young people, answered honestly.

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Coming soon: free brain-boosting resources for schools and families.

Lots of resources coming soon!

This book will be published in August 2022

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