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Teenagers and Sleep - school/organisation licence


Most people know that sleep is important but there are two problems: first, a lot of weak science and scary headlines. Second, knowing that sleep is important can make us panic when we can’t sleep. And that panic stops us sleeping. 

My approach is exceptionally reassuring and empowering: I have the deep knowledge of the subject and know how to apply it to our real lives. Never patronising, never glib, never thoughtless. I have also written the book THE AWESOME POWER OF SLEEP. As with all my books, that’s aimed at teenagers, but this book, more than any, is absolutely applicable to adults. Sleep is sleep and the same things make it difficult, whatever age. Same benefits, same problems and, crucially, same solutions.

Expect to be informed, fascinated, reassured and empowered with genuine strategies, strong science and myth-busting facts.

This webinar is aimed at parents, carers, teachers and other professionals living or working with young people aged 10-25. Or anyone just interested in sleep! Including teenagers… You might consider playing it to older students as they were also invited to attend the original webinar and the message is pitched to be relevant to all.

Key features

  • Video just over an hour long
  • Perfect to use as a staff training session, personal development or student topic investigation
  • Generous bundle of extra documents in a folder: handouts and tips about anxiety, stress management, sleep, healthy screen use
  • The PowerPoint is included in your package of extras
  • Questions from attendees answered at the end
  • Nicola Morgan’s hallmark articulate, engaging and reassuring voice
  • Brilliantly informative, with depth and breadth
  • From the multi-awarding-winning author and speaker on adolescent minds, wellbeing and performance

Licence Terms

This licence is use within one school or organisation on a single premises. When you purchase this item, you confirm that you have read and agreed these Terms and Conditions: #SCHOOL LICENCE. Any queries, just use the Contact page above.



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