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Tackling Stress Videos - school/organisation licence


Experience a brilliant teaching and learning experience from this suite consisting of two videos, Understanding Stress and Stress Strategies, an introductory video and accompanying materials including discussion ideas to adapt to the students in your class or group and clear teacher notes for ease of use. All the benefits of a personal visit by Nicola at a fraction of the cost AND you have unlimited use in your school, forever. There’s a real personal flavour to these videos and students will feel Nicola is there with them, helping them succeed. Bringing a deep understanding of how to manage stress and improve well-being and performance, Nicola speaks directly to the audience in her trademark reassuring manner, always relying on strong science and the widest understanding of human behaviour.

Introductory video: Introducing Nicola Morgan’s Work – Why students can trust Nicola to help, inform and reassure them

Video One: Understanding Stress – The biology of stress

Video Two:  Stress Strategies – Practical solutions to control stress and enhance wellbeing for learning and life

Key features

  • Suitable for any year from Y7 to Y13 (age 11-18) – absolutely perfect for Y9 and Y10 who so badly need support for their mental wellbeing and learning brains
  • Covering the science and strategies, simply and clearly
  • Perfect for remote and face-to-face teaching – better than another webinar!
  • At 23 and 26 minutes, each one is easy to fit into a lesson – Extra discussion and extension ideas to meet your desired time
  • Frequent pauses to check understanding
  • Includes a separate 6-minute introduction video to explain Nicola’s messages – great insight into what research and expertise mean
  • Requires very little preparation and no extra materials – accompanied by Teacher Notes
  • Download and store on your school devices
  • Comes with a perpetual licence (see Terms below) to allow you to view them within your school without limit.

Licence Terms

This licence is for use in a school or organisation (consisting of one premises). You can use it as many times as you like, forever. When you purchase this item, you confirm that you have read and agreed these Terms: #SCHOOL LICENCE. Any queries, just use the Contact page above.


Why not add a Live Online Q&A with Nicola so students can ask questions and get engaging, reassuring and worthwhile answers?

Take a look at Stress Well for Schools, a complete course which can either be delivered as a series of lessons or teachers / support staff can cherry pick the activities they’d like to do to help student wellbeing and learning.

Save £50 by buying the Tackling Stress videos together with Stress Well for Schools.

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