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Stress Well for Schools - school/organisation licence


A comprehensive, simple-to-deliver and beautifully-structured course to teach young people (11-18) about stress management for their wellbeing and performance. Exceptional value and adaptable to either short sessions or longer double lessons. Adults will learn, too!

How we manage stress is key to how we perform: it’s not an optional extra but part of how we care for our brain and body if we want to live and work as well as possible. Stress Well for Schools sits brilliantly within the PSHE curriculum for KS3 and KS4, addressing Core Theme 1: Health and Wellbeing. You could teach it as a unit within that, allowing you to address elements of ‘Mental health and emotional wellbeing’ and ‘Healthy lifestyles’. Equally, any teacher can use individual activities to help relaxation and stress management during tutor times or any subject lesson.

The materials are delivered on shareable, printable pdfs and Powerpoints and can be used by any adult in a school setting.

Stress Well consists of three topics

  1. Understanding Stress – the biology of stress, what it’s for, how it affects us positively or negatively
  2. Stress and You – noticing the specific effects in your body and mind, so that you can spot negative signs early
  3. Strategies – practical ways to keep stress at healthy levels

Key features

  • Comprehensive, in-depth resource for teachers to deliver lessons on managing stress, teenage mental health and wellbeing
  • Fits within the PSHE curriculum for KS3 and KS4, addressing Core Theme: Health and Wellbeing.
  • Flexible use: teach a complete unit in PSHE/Wellbeing or add fantastic content to tutor times, guidance sessions, wellbeing activities or assemblies
  • Teaches young people skills for stress control and wellbeing in school and for life, aiding better performance and success
  • Delivered to you as a set of PDFs with structured teaching ideas and activities, including PowerPoints
  • Clear notes and explanations
  • Teacher notes plus additional resources for discussions and lesson extensions
  • Bonus downloads: PSHE worksheets, posters, teaching ideas and activities
  • PERPETUAL LICENCE (see Terms below) for unlimited use within your school – print, share, store and play forever
  • Incredible value!

Licence Terms

This licence is for use in a school or organisation (consisting of one premises). You can use it as many times as you like, forever. When you purchase this item, you confirm that you have read and agreed these Terms: #SCHOOL LICENCE. Any queries, just use the Contact page above.


Why not add a Live Online Q&A with Nicola so students can ask questions and get engaging, reassuring and worthwhile answers?

Take a look at the Tackling Stress video set, a super-easy-to-deliver set of videos to introduce the key concepts of stress biology and management

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“Our students have really enjoyed your Powerpoints and the discussions we have had as a consequence of using them. Talking about stress and anxiety is quite challenging, and your excellent resources have made it feel a lot safer and easier.” Fran Alexander, Head of Psychology at a leading independent school.

“A fantastic resource that is thoughtful, well written and ideal for supporting students aged 11-18.  So important to have quality resources like this when rates of mental health problems in students are so high.” A school in York

“Stress Well is an excellent skills based resource. With well-being now central to our school curriculum it has been a great addition to our resources.” Colaiste na hinse, Co Meath


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