Stress Well for Schools (school licence)


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Stress Well™ for Schools is a complete course to teach everything young people need to know about stress and stress management for wellbeing and performance. It comes as fully copiable PDFs and online links to Powerpoint presentations. The whole product will arrive as a download link automatically in your confirmation email.

Important details for overseas customers

Stress Well is wonderful for schools anywhere in the world. As long as you can pay in sterling, you are extremely welcome to buy. 

Before purchasing, please read the Licence terms here, so that you know what you can do with these resources. Basically, you can use them without limit in your school but may not share with any other schools, individuals or organisations.

If you wish to pay by cheque or BACS, please contact me (

More details and reviews further down this page.

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STOP PRESS: Free book offer with every order till the end of October – see HERE.

Do you want a simple way to improve well-being for students and staff? Stress Well for Schools is a complete course to teach everything young people (and adults!) need to know about stress and stress management for wellbeing and performance. It consists of shareable, printable pdfs and Powerpoints to allow any adult to deliver great teaching points about stress management.

“Our students have really enjoyed your Powerpoints and the discussions we have had as a consequence of using them. Talking about stress and anxiety is quite challenging, and your excellent resources have made it feel a lot safer and easier.” Fran Alexander, Head of Psychology at a leading independent school which trialled Stress Well.

“A fantastic resource that is thoughtful, well written and ideal for supporting students aged 11-18.  So important to have quality resources like this when rates of mental health problems in students are so high.” A school in York

“Stress Well is an excellent skills based resource. With well-being now central to our school curriculum it has been a great addition to our resources.” Colaiste na hinse, Co Meath

Stress Well offers a hugely flexible, copiable and printable set of sequential materials, which can be split into any permutation of sessions of any length from a few minutes to a double period. You will find Core and Optional activities so you can choose how long to spend on the course.

Only £60 for a perpetual copying licence, without limit! Yes, forever. (The licence is here.)dfw-nm-ea-cover-mid

The Stress Well powerpoint presentations are HERE. (They won’t make sense unless you have bought the course but you’re welcome to look.)

About Stress Well for Schools

My books, such as The Teenage Guide to Stress, are written for teenagers. Listening to teachers and as a former teacher myself, I knew that schools also wanted a way of teaching stress control, simply, quickly and powerfully, to whole classes or small groups. Stress Well does that. Simply.

Stress Well consists of three “Lessons” which can be split into many shorter sessions

  1. Understanding Stress
  2. Stress and You
  3. Strategies for Wellbeing – for Life.

Flexible for age and ability

You can use Stress Well with students from age 11 to 18. The materials can easily be adapted to level and age.

Flexible lesson lengths

Every school has lessons of different lengths; some have double periods and many have tutor sessions of twenty minutes. I have divided each “Lesson” into three Parts of very roughly 20-40 minutes (plus many extra optional activities). This means you can split or combine elements to suit your needs. You can build the optional activities into extra lessons or tutor group times or use as relaxation or time-out exercises when needed.

Obviously, if you include all the Optional activities you can stretch the course further. Many of the activities can be repeated and become regular parts of ordinary lessons, so you can provide switch-off time as needed.

Flexible teachers

Stress Well can be taught by adults in any teaching, support or pastoral role: for example, head of year or tutor group, school librarian, PSHE or guidance teacher, as well as any subject teacher. No special knowledge is required. 

Stress-free lessons!

There are no stressful tests at the end! Students should enjoy the Stress Well materials and I hope you enjoy teaching them 🙂

Price and licence terms

Stress Well costs only £60, for a full, perpetual copying licence, without limit of time or numbers. Yes, you can use it in your school FOREVER. The licence is here.  As you see, it allows a purchasing school/organisation to copy and share ALL the materials, without limit, throughout the school/organisation, on one premises only. (If you’re not a school, check the licence to see if the terms apply to you and, if they don’t, ask!) Please read terms carefully. You may not share the materials outside your school, for example. 

You’ll see that it’s also possible for a self-employed individual to use it in more than one school/premises, but, again, read the terms carefully to see what is permitted.

If you are unable or unwilling to use Paypal, please contact me for cheque or BACS details.

The format

Stress Well is downloadable in pdf format. It consists of the following items in a folder, which will arrive automatically as a link in your email confirmation after purchase:

  1. A document with the licence terms.
  2. The main teaching document of 60+ A4 pages, which includes all the lessons, suggested resources and links.
  3. A separate document consisting of the worksheets. You will receive two versions: a PDF and a Word doc. This is because, as explained in the main document, you may edit the worksheets to suit your class.
  4. A link to my Slideshare page, where all the Powerpoint presentations will be. Note two things:
    • I use Powerpoint well and only when necessary!
    • You will be able to download them from Slideshare BUT, when I make changes, the revisions will only be on Slideshare. Therefore, I recommend you return to the Slideshare page next time you want to use a Ppt for a class, in case there have been any revisions.

What if you’re a self-employed tutor, teacher or counsellor or a parent? Will there be a cheaper licence, as there is for Brain Sticks?

No. I believe that it represents incredible value whether you are using it for one young person or 5000. Because of the amount of work involved in creating it, I can’t sell it any more cheaply.

When and where can I buy?

Now! And ONLY from my website, here. For September only, there’s a free book offer – see here for details.

Any questions or comments? Do ask! And please spread the word. Parents, tell your schools 🙂