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Live Online Q&A - your students prepare questions and I answer, to inspire, reassure, empower

I have done hundreds of in-person talks around the world to many thousands of students age 10-18. A Live Online Q&A is a valuable and simple alternative and a brilliant way to engage students in a session that they can really own.

(I can also do a Live Online Q&A with staff after you’ve watched one of my recorded webinars for staff INSETs.)

Students will learn:

  • Science-based, wise, empowering and reassuring answers to their questions about whatever topics you and they choose – anything to do with teenage brains, psychology, wellbeing, screens, sleep, peer pressure, behaviour, emotions, mental wellness and looking after their mental health
  • That adults – you and I – care enough about them to give them time, attention and honesty

What happens:

  • You discuss possible topics and the needs of your students with me in advance; we agree a date and time and you set up the online session on your preferred platform
  • Before the session, you and other teachers discuss with students the questions they’d like to ask and play them the free short video, Introducing Nicola Morgan’s Work
  • At the appointed time, I will talk directly to your students and answer their questions. I will answer honestly but compassionately, using my extensive experience of talking to young people around the world
  • You might choose that instead of a free-flowing Q&A, you’d like me to speak for a few minutes about each chosen topic. This requires a bit more preparation from me and costs more but is still excellent value
  • And you don’t need to worry about travel arrangements or making me cups of coffee!

The standard cost is £249.99 for a simple Q&A or £349.99 for two within one morning or afternoon. Or, if you choose to split the hour into three (or four) topics and for each one I do a mini-talk followed by questions, that would be around £425 (£475). Let’s discuss. We can also discuss a discount on a combination of products, for example if you wanted a Q&A plus a selection of my other materials.

What to do now: fill in the form below with any details you have, such as year group or what the timing and topics might be. Ask me any questions and tell me what you hope to gain for your students. Then I’ll do my best to help.

PS This is one of my favourite things to do so I’m likely to say yes…




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