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Exam Attack

Exam Attack has everything you need to know to help you face exams proactively, positively, confidently and strategically. Sections are: The Right Mindset, Planning and Preparation, Best Ways to Learn and Revise, Practical About Well-being and a Countdown to Exams. It’s perfect for students of all ages – even adults will benefit! It has the starting point that most people don’t like exams and that they are stressful because they are supposed to be and because a bit of stress, well-managed, actually helps us pull out the best performance on the day. Exam Attack is full of practical tips to keep you on course to produce your the best results you can.

Some years ago, I wrote a short ebook called Exam Attack and many schools are still using it. But this new Exam Attack covers much, much more. And in its printed form it’s beautifully neat and fits perfectly in a schoolbag!

Whether your students typically sail through exams or find them difficult and distressing, Exam Attack speaks to all equally and acknowledges their different challenges.

Why not book an online Live Q&A (coming soon) with me so that I can answer their questions and concerns directly? See the Teaching Materials section of my website for details and a booking form. Or just use the contact button!

For you to download:

A pledge to carry you through exam time, on a postcard: Exam AttackPledgePostcards

A poster of exam tips: Exam AttackPoster

A poster of Exam Attack, Positively Teenage and Body Brilliant: NicolaMorgan3BooksPoster

How to create a revision plan:

A video interview with a GCSE student:

I won’t be doing free teaching notes for this book because I think students will just prefer to read the book! It really speaks to them directly and is very reassuring and practical.

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