Exam Attack (school licence)


(NB This is the perpetual, unlimited licence for schools. )

A simple, short, positive ebook guide for exam students, helping them deal with stress well and so give themselves the best chance of achieving their potential. Written in a voice that is warm, caring, clear and knowledgeable, this book pulls together the best advice from my blog and talks, to create a neat, easy-to-navigate set of simple guidelines for coping with exams. Parents should read it, too!

(This is a school licence. If you wish to buy an individual licence, for one person only, you need to buy it from Amazon.)

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I have lots of advice on my blog and website but it’s scattered all over and hard to read in one go. This book addresses that. It’s really simple to read and only the equivalent of about 25 pages long.

Note: It is an ebook (not print) and will arrive as an automatic download to open as a pdf on your computer. You will also see a document called #LICENCE_RESOURCES – please read it carefully and share with anyone who might use Exam Attack, including students who might take it home. There are also two extra files in the folder – ExamPlan and FoodSuggestions – which you can put on your intranet (or similar) for students to access.

Terms and Conditions

Your purchase gives you licence to put Exam Attack on all school devices or intranet and to make as many copies as you like for the personal use of students in your school only. Please ensure that every student knows that they may not share it with anyone outside school or they will be breaking the law. Please also ensure that the files are not shared online.

The link will expire in 20 days so make sure you download it before then! If you forget, just let me know.

NB I am not allowed to sell ebooks as automatic downloads to non-UK EU countries. But I can sell them to you by emailing the files directly to you. So, if you are outside the UK, email me and I’ll explain. DO NOT order via my site or we will be breaking the law. Thank you.