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Book me to speak - audiences of parents, professionals and students

I’ve done hundreds of events around the world, on a range of topics for a range of audiences. I’m not cheap but I’m very good value because what you get from me is:

  • A pitch-perfect talk designed for your audience after discussing your wishes in detail with you
  • An incredible knowledge of the science behind the topics I talk about
  • A fascinating combination of insights you won’t hear anywhere else
  • A deep understanding of and empathy with the audiences, whether they are parents, teachers, librarians or young people
  • A voice of reassurance and practical strategies
  • A vast array of handouts to use and share
  • A copy of the Powerpoint for the audience to revisit afterwards
  • No nonsense, no waffle, no psychobabble

I am now almost exclusively doing online events because they are better value for you, less exhausting for me and just as good for your audience. Win, win, win!

For all the details, including guidelines for costs, see the Speaking page here

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