Teenagers in a Pandemic webinar recording now available

Be Resilient

Be Resilient will be published on July 1st 2021. Empowering and practical, it outlines five strong steps which will build a strong mind to carry you through tough times and let you enjoy the best things life hands you. How to grasp your future, grow your courage and skills and how to bounce back, stronger, fitter, happier, better.

I will be doing talks, webinars and interviews. Please contact Nina Douglas, my publicist at Walker Books:

“This is a much-needed book and I’m so pleased Nicola Morgan has brought her approachable and down to earth style to the subject. Reassuring, insightful and full of practical tips to help our teens build resilience and coping skills to tackle life’s ups and downs. An essential read for your teenager. (Us parents could do with dipping in as well for a reminder!)” ― Francesca Geens, The Happy Self Journal

Featured as ‘one to watch’ in The Bookseller’s July Previews. — Fiona Noble ― The Bookseller

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