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I have written over 100 books of both fiction and non-fiction for major publishers and have won many awards, including the School Library Association's Outstanding Contribution to Information Books. You’ll find the main titles below. I don't sell books via my site but if you are keen to buy signed copies, do ask me. Some of the books have additional free resources which you'll find on each page when you click "More".

Non-fiction for young people

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The Awesome Power of Sleep

Everything you need to know to get the best sleep possible as often as possible – and why you’ll be glad you did. Aimed directly at teenagers but helpful for everyone. Publishing January 2021.

Exam Attack

A practical, positive guide to exam success and beating stress – for students of all ages, facing any exams and tests.

Body Brilliant

Tackles the fascinating psychology of body image as well as the practical ways we can make our bodies as healthy, strong and brilliant as possible. “…may be her most important yet” (LoveReading4Schools)

Positively Teenage

I know, from my work in schools, that there’s a hunger and a need for a positive view of adolescence. I want to show young people and their parents that adolescence can be exciting, heartening, positive.

The Teenage Guide to Life Online

The Teenage Guide to Life Online is for adults as much as young people. It takes a balanced, clear, informed look at what happens to us when we spend time on the internet or screens and offers guidelines for healthy living.

The Teenage Guide to Friends

The Teenage Guide to Friends tackles the all-important subject of friendships. If we understand human behaviour – why we do, say and feel what we do, say feel – we can cope so much better when people behave in negative ways.

The Teenage Guide to Stress

The Teenage Guide to Stress shows young people that they are not alone and that there is help, whether their worries are small or big. Stress can affect us at any time of life and TTGS teaches the skills to thrive.

Blame My Brain

Blame My Brain was the first book in the world to show teenagers what’s going on in their heads. It changed the way adults think about adolescence. It speaks directly to teenagers but parents and teachers usually grab it and devour it eagerly.

Study Skills (GCSE)

Study skills for students facing exams, with tips, science and advice. I co-wrote it with three other experts. My topics were about preparing your brain and mental health and managing stress.

Study Skills (N5 and Higher)

Study skills for students facing exams, with tips, science and advice. I co-wrote it with three other experts. My topics were about preparing your brain and mental health and managing stress.

Fiction for young people

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Mondays are Red

(ebook only) Luke finds that his world has changed when wakes from a coma after meningitis. He has synaesthesia; he has a weakness in his leg, disastrous for such a brilliant runner; and he discovers that synaesthesia gives him endless power.


Deathwatch is a thriller, set in Edinburgh in the present day, about a fourteen-year-old girl who is being stalked. She doesn’t know until almost too late, but you know, right from the start.

Sleepwalking and The Passion Flower Massacre

(ebook only) Two YA novels now republished as one ebook. Two deep, fast-paced, mind-stretching, coming-of-age thrillers, appealing particularly to readers who enjoyed my most recent YA novel, Wasted.


Fleshmarket is set in the 1820s in Edinburgh, a city of cruel contrasts between the lives of the rich and poor, and home to the infamous Burke and Hare, who sold their murder victims to brilliant anatomist Dr Robert Knox.

The Highwayman’s Curse

Will and Bess are on the run and find themselves in Galloway, Scotland, falsely accused of murder. Captured by smugglers, they become embroiled in a story of hatred and revenge that goes back generations: to the days of the Killing Times.

The Highwayman’s Footsteps

Full of dark deeds and danger, set in the gruesome 18th century, the book follows the adventures of Will and Bess. Will is wealthy but he has run away from home after arguments with his father and hated older brother.


Wasted is about luck, chance, risk, fate, danger, passion, hate, alcohol, music, and why leaving the house a few seconds later could change your life.

Books for writers

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Write to be Published

A no-nonsense guide to writing to be published. Universally praised by agents, publishers, tutors and writers. Aimed at adults. The Crabbit Old Bat whips you into shape and helps you make a publisher say “YES!”

Dear Agent

(ebook only) You’ve written the best book you can and you believe there are readers for it, but how do you persuade an agent or publisher to take it on? The first thing they will see is your letter or email and that short document must sell your book.

Write a Great Synopsis

(ebook only) Most writers hate writing synopses. In this short ebook, Write a Great Synopsis – An Expert Guide, I take the stress out of the subject and applies calm, systematic guidance, with my renowned no-nonsense approach and laconic style.

Tweet Right

(ebook only) Tweet Right is your guide to getting started on Twitter. I aim to lead you gently but firmly through the whys, the hows and the how nots. Whether you are intrigued or confused, Tweet Right will guide you from the beginning until you are ready to fly.

Out of print books

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