When will live events come back again?

Yesterday, a major INSET session which should have happened this year (but had been postponed to 2021) was postponed to 2022. In other words, I don’t believe it will happen at all. I might have retired from public speaking by then!

This represented a major loss of income for me. And now all my speaking events for 2020 have been cancelled or postponed and there are vastly fewer booked for 2021 than would normally be the case at this time of year. (For clarity, I do NOT blame the organisations which have cancelled or postponed. I understand why they had to.)

However, catastrophic though this loss of business is for me, that’s not the point I want to make.

The point is this: if those events, whether for students or staff training or parents, were valuable, important, worth paying for (which they were) what does that loss mean for the students, staff and parents? This particular event was to have involved 600 teaching staff. That’s 600 teachers who now won’t have the benefit of anything I was going to say – and there isn’t anyone else covering the range of topics I cover.

It means an enormous loss of knowledge, understanding, insight, strategies, ideas, solutions. Even if they do get all that in 2022, that’s 18 months when they will work without those benefits.

So, forgive me if I sound as though I think what I have to say to audiences is important but if I didn’t think that I wouldn’t a) charge quite a lot of money and b) spend the considerable amount of time, energy and effort preparing, travelling to and delivering these events. In short, I wouldn’t bother. I only bother because I truly believe it’s worth something.

But at least I’m not worried about the students who are missing the talks I did for young audiences and who may now never get the chance to hear the reassuring, empowering, mind-opening and heart-soothing words I offer. The reason I’m not worried is because I’ve created these Teaching Materials, including videos that can be played over and over again, to every year group, forever. So, as long as schools buy them (and they are currently at silly-cheap prices) the students will be fine.

Please spread the word! This is my only solution to the loss of knowledge-sharing created by COVOD-19 and I think it’s a good one!

Schools, don’t forget that for September and October, all purchasers are entered for a random draw to win any other item from my list of unique, personal, massive-value materials


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