Website hiatus

Apologies for the lack of material being added to my site at the moment. Some upheaval going on: both on the site, with some changes already in place and more to happen, and also in my life. Nothing bad, just that my brain bandwidth is fully occupied. Please don’t leave me: I have lots of idea-rich things to share with you over the coming months! Lots of things about resilience in the face of tough times and loads of resources on exams and sleep (not at the same time…)

Those of you who are now working from home, I will have some psychology-based tips for how to work WELL from home. I’ve just done an online talk for Hachette Group and will be doing the same for my other publishers, Walker Books, and I’m happy to do this for any companies whose staff are now working from home for a significant period of time. I can reveal really interesting insights.

Lots of videos to come, some free and some for schools to buy. And why not sign up for a Live Online Q&A for your students. Focused, prepared, reassuring and information-rich. And you don’t have to make me coffee.


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