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The Power of Sleep: webinar coming

Sleep, nature’s medicine. Essential, mysterious, healing, restoring, life-giving and so often elusive. Would you like more control over your sleep? Would you like to understand how to master the power of sleep? Would you like to help the young people you know enjoy healthy sleep to the benefit of every physical and mental function of their bodies and brains? I can help.

I have a public webinar coming up: The Power of Sleep. (Details here.) My two recent webinars, Teenagers in a Pandemic and Understanding Your Teenagers, are now done, with wonderful feedback (thank you!) and the recordings will be available soon for anyone who missed them. (I have to charge, or it wouldn’t be fair on the people who bought a ticket.)

Let me help you decide whether The Power of Sleep is for you.

The intended audience

Many of you don’t sleep well yourselves or you’d like to sleep better. Whether you sleep well yourselves or not, you live with or work with or care about young people aged 10-25 and you want to help them have good sleep habits – now and for life. You don’t want me only to say “do this and do that” and, when you are advising others you don’t want to say that yourselves: you want to have a deeper understanding of the science of sleep, so that any strategies can be rooted in knowledge, based on the “why” and the “how”. 

In short, I may be the Teenage Brain Woman, so my usual focus is adolescence, but in this case the topic is far wider than teenagers. Although I will talk to you as though you are either parent/carer or teacher/professional, you might not be, and, if you aren’t, you will still learn a mass of relevant and useful – and even fascinating – truth about sleep and how to sleep better.

What I will cover in The Power of Sleep

  • What’s the same about sleep for adults and teenagers? (Spoiler alert: almost everything! The benefits, the problems when we don’t sleep, the reasons for poor sleep and the solutions.)
  • So what is different for teenagers? Teenage brain biology in relation to sleep.
  • Why do we all need it? What happens if we don’t get it or don’t get enough of it?
  • What is enough? How much do we need – and can some people really cope on very little?
  • Stages and cycles – and the pattern through the night. Can you affect what type of sleep you have?
  • The CORE problem: knowing the power of sleep can make us so anxious that we don’t sleep! Yet we do need to know…
  • What drives sleep? 
    1. Sleep pressure – homeostasis and adenosine
    2. Circadian rhythms
  • What affects circadian rhythms (and there’s a clue here about a strategy)
  • What prevents sleep? 
  • The TRUE effect of screens
  • What about ebook readers?
  • How to use this knowledge to sleep better
    • Three points of control
    • A five-step sleep plan in detail
    • Including how to shift your circadian rhythms
  • Your questions answered

You will receive several handouts AND a copy of the PowerPoint presentation with some extra slides that I won’t be able to show during the talk, for fear of bombarding you with so much information that you don’t get to sleep!

What I can and can’t do

What I can’t do is make your teenagers follow any of this advice. However, I can give you the best chance of that happening and, if all else fails, at least YOU will sleep better and feel better able to deal with the day. (Well, as long as you follow the advice, which, again, I can’t make you do…)

The day after this webinar is World Sleep Day and I’m a delegate. This Power of Sleep webinar is part of my contribution. Please join me and hear about the beautiful medicine that bathes your brain in sleep every night, even if you feel it doesn’t! Learn how to becomes friends with sleep and tame its sometimes infuriating behaviour.

Book now. As predicted, tickets are selling fast.

For cheaper tickets, why not club together with some friends or colleagues – discount for booking 5+ tickets. (You need to provide email addresses for each person.)

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