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Two #EdBookFest events on minds, brains and creativity

I’m “on” at the Edinburgh International Book Festival twice this year and you can watch or hear both events even if you’re nowhere near Edinburgh or even Scotland, or even the UK! I’ve lost count of the number of events I’ve done there over the years – could be nearly 50? – but these will be different. New venue, new format, and accessible for anyone with an internet connection.

Nicola Morgan interviewed by Holly Bourne – Start Listening to Yourself

Available to listen to now. ONLY UNTIL the end of September. I might need to listen to it myself as I can’t remember what I said. I do know that I was mostly talking about Be Resilient and how people of all ages can increase their ability to deal with tough times. It’s an event for families, parents, carers, teachers: anyone interested in young people’s mental strength. And absolutely for young people themselves.

Holly Bourne was a great choice as interviewer for this. She’s a celebrated YA author and writes fiction with strong mental health themes. For the interview, she was well-prepared, warm and engaging. We’ve done a couple of things together before at Edinburgh so we weren’t complete strangers.

Do check out Holly’s books and other words here.

Maggie o’Farrell interviewed by Nicola Morgan – Loves, Labours, Loss

Live in-person (sold out), live-streamed to camera and filmed for watching later – available in perpetuity (or until the internet says no.)

I am very very excited about this event. Daunted, too. Incredibly, Maggie o’Farrell specifically asked for me as her interviewer her because she’s expecting me to have insights and all the right questions about brains, minds, wellbeing, creativity and neurodiversity. I’d better deliver! Maggie had a severe bout of encephalitis as a child, which has left some effects on her brain – though her recovery was also profound and unpredicted. So we’re going to talk about those resulting neurodiversities and how they might affect creativity or give her a different take on life. But our brains are also built from our other experiences, as well as genes and personality effects, so where do those come into the discussion about how a creative mind is built? Let’s see if I can find some answers!

You will also hear her read from Hamnet for the first time in an in-person event. Hamnet provides some wonderful starting points for a talk about emotion, fear, illness and creativity.

Do join us! As I say, the in-person tickets sold out – in seconds, as a friend discovered – but you can watch live online (and I’ll be taking questions from the online audience) or watch on catchup.

Book your online place here. It’s a pay-what-you-can scheme and I would encourage you, please, to pay something, as performers and everyone working for the book festival are paid, which is not the case at all festivals. It can’t be easy trying to make live events pay these days, with restricted audience sizes and the costs of cameras and tech stuff to do the live-streaming and recording well.

And good authors, speakers and interviewers are worth it! We love to see your engaged faces and I’d like to say that would be enough to live on…

But most of all, do listen or watch and do ask me questions afterwards, too. We are doing all this for the audience more than anything else. Without you, no event.

Thank you, #EdBookFest for asking me to do these events. I’m happy to be back in the city where I lived for 28 years.

Have you booked a place on my Boosting Teenage Resilience online talk with Q&A on Sept 14th? Please do! I’d love to see you (even though I won’t actually see you…)

Do comment but please remember that this site is for all ages.


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Never miss a post, including competitions, offers, discounts and giveaways, as well as intelligent, perceptive, science-based articles. Your details will not be shared and you may unsubscribe at any time.