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BE RESILIENT has been chosen for the Reading Well for Teens booklist from The Reading Agency

Webinars now open for booking

Edited to add: only the SLEEP one is now available and is selling fast. Places are LIMITED and I can’t increase capacity.
These webinars are aimed at parents/carers, teachers and other adults who live with, work with or care about young people of secondary school age.

A few notes before you book

  • All the webinars are being processed by Eventbrite and will be delivered on Zoom.
  • A Zoom webinar is not quite the same as the Zoom meetings. You will be invisible and inaudible so you don’t have to worry about being accidentally seen or heard. You can ask questions by typing in the Q&A box.
  • If you sign up to the first event, you get a discount off either or both the others.
  • The Earlybird tickets are limited in quantity – so don’t delay!
  • The webinars start at 7.30pm GMT but “doors will open” at 7.20. Hence the listed start time of 7.20. Please arrive before 7.30.
  • These events are for adults. However, the one on sleep could work well for your teenagers so they are welcome to listen if you and they would like.
  • Strictly no recording, please. I will supply the Powerpoint to all attendees afterwards.

Details and booking links

1. TEENAGERS IN A PANDEMIC: understand deeply so you can support strongly. How might living through COVID-19  affect teenagers? The Teenage Brain Woman shares deep insights and how to support your young people. Feb 25th 7.20pm GMT  (Focusing on specific effects of the pandemic, anxiety, lockdown and online learning.) SOLD OUT
2. UNDERSTANDING TEENAGERS: dive inside their brains, lives and pressures. Nicola Morgan, The Teenage Brain Woman, shares deep knowledge and shows you how to support the teenage minds you care about. Mar 4th 7.20pm GMT (A wider and more detailed look at adolescence, the biology, psychology and life stage differences.) 
3. THE POWER OF SLEEP: how to supercharge a brain with better sleep, whether teenage or adult! Nicola Morgan shares strong science to help you and your teens get the right amount of sleep – the what, why and, most importantly, HOW. Mar 18th 7.20pm GMT SELLING FAST. A group booking discount if you’re buying five or more tickets.
Any questions, ask. And, if you find a mistake in the details, pour me a glass of wine before you tell me (but do tell me!)

Do join me! There’s so much negativity and gloom at the moment and I have so much to tell you, including reassuring and empowering things! Together we can help teenage mental health and the young people we care about.

Book early and please tell your friends.

4 Responses

    1. Hi Lyndsey. Thank you for your interest. Yes, I am recording the webinars but I am not 100% sure how/where (or when) I’ll be able to make them available so I don’t want to promise anything. I would have to charge, otherwise it’s not fair on those who booked, of course, but it would be probably be a little less than the full ticket price, at least for the second and third ones. You may be sure that once I have this sussed I will announce it on my website so, if you have subscribed, you won’t miss that announcement!
      Thanks again. Best wishes, Nicola

  1. The Webinar on Teens in the Pandemic was really insightful and full of thought provoking material and ideas. Well worth the £7.50. The support materials are fantastic too. I’m looking forward to the following 2 Webinars. Thank you for the opportunity to benefit from your expertise.

    1. Thanks, Julia. That’s kind of you to comment. For the next one, I’ll organise a slideshow or slide at the end rather than abruptly ending the webinar, so that people can carry on chatting if they’d like to. I was aware that there were lots of nice comments but I realised I had to end the webinar otherwise it would all look weird!

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