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Ten Ways to Build a Brilliant Brain – 4

The fourth of ten quick posts about TEN WAYS TO BUILD A BRILLIANT BRAIN which comes out on Aug 4th. I’m giving away free copies – see here – and insights from the book.

For previous posts in this series:

  1. Grow Brain Connections
  2. Fuel Your Brain
  3. Be Active (NOT “DO Exercise”)

Today’s way is Sleep Well. Sleep is way beyond brilliant for the brain – it’s literally vital. As I explain in the book, it:

  • Allows essential restoration of energy
  • Gives space and time for the day’s information and memories to be allocated to the right brain areas and processes
  • Makes a huge difference to how well we process, store and recall information
  • Dramatically affects (and is affected by) mental and emotional state – including by enabling dreaming
  • Enables glial cells to do their job of clearing away debris

Today’s tip: look at my lists of Sleep Positives and Sleep Negatives. This evening (and every evening from now on!) choose any (lots!) of the positives and build them into your winding-down period before bed. And check that NO negatives appear during the 1-2 hours before you turn your light out.

You might also like The Awesome Power of Sleep for much more detail.

Another tip: Don’t worry when you have a bad night or a bad sleep phase. Just follow the tips in both these books and you will be fine.

* * * BOOK GIVEAWAY * * *

For a chance of winning one of FIVE free signed copies of Ten Ways to Build a Brilliant Brain, add your comment beneath at least two of the numbered Ten Ways posts. Today is number four. Details/rules here.

Look out for TEN WAYS in your local bookshop. And if you don’t see it there, ASK! You can pre-order from Bookshop-org from my own page and if you do, you help independent bookshops AND me! Thank you!



3 Responses

  1. The Awesome Power of Sleep book is fantastic. Such good advice. Sleep is something we talk a lot about with the kids. Routines at night and good sleep are vital

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