Positively Teenage EVENTS – an opportunity for schools

Schools often struggle with budgets for events but here’s a way you can team up with a nearby school, share expenses and have a budget event from me, focusing on Positively Teenage. This will cost you £285 plus half the travel costs. See below for how to make sure your proposed events fits the baseline model.  Also see BONUSES FOR YOU for a great package of … BONUSES FOR YOU.

Bonuses for you!

Each school booking a PT event will receive:

  • A free BRAIN STICK – worth £130, a vast, reusable set of resources about brains and wellbeing
  • TWO copies of the book, Positively Teenage, sent in advance of the event so that you can prepare students and staff
  • The teachers’ notes I mentioned above
  • A couple of printed posters for the school library
  • A digital poster background for you to advertise the event
  • A selection of signed postcards with good luck messages for students

How to fit the baseline price model:

  • Team with a nearby school which would have me in the other half of the same day. So, one school in the morning and the other in the afternoon. (Each school pays £285 and half travel.) 
    • NB for alternatives, see “If you want to extend the baseline model” below
  • Location is important: I live just South of Rutland and can get a train from Peterborough or Corby from about 8am or drive if not more than 1.5 hours each way. I’d need not to leave home earlier than 7am or return later than 9pm. In practice, this means: London and anywhere within an hour of London by train; East Midlands; East Anglia, Norfolk, Herts; Doncaster; Birmingham and West Midlands at a push; possibly even York and Durham, if you can be clever with the time-table.
  • Create a time-table without either vast gaps of wasted time or events squashed together with no breather. Ideal is late morning and early afternoon. You don’t have to give me lunch!
  • Year 6, 7 or 8, or combination; any numbers, though I think they gain more if not too many.
    • I’m happy to do a combined event with a visiting school(s), or to go to a venue such as a theatre or public library, if you organise it.
  • A Positively Teenage event only, with no “Can you add something about…?” requests
    • Interactive, positive, informative and aiming to get the students coming away thinking, “Yes! Being a teenager is exciting and now I know how to look after my physical and mental health!” This is not an event about stress and problems, but how to live proactively and positively, how to “flourish”.
  • I would need projector set-up.
  • I would supply teaching notes (2-4 A4 pages) with some ideas to prepare the audience best – you would need to commit to doing your best to prepare the students.
  • I would supply 2-4 activity sheets which I would ask you to print for the sessions and students would need paper and pen/pencils.
  • No jumping through hoops to be paid – no form-filling or requests from your accounts dept. See my T&C here.

Book-selling? If I don’t sell books, it affects my ability to stay published. I’m happy to supply books or you can use your local or preferred supplier. Normally, I don’t make book-selling a condition but I actually think your students will get most out of it if they have the option, so it is factored into the baseline agreement. I will never do a hard sell but I do need to know if book-selling will be a problem for you.

If you want to extend the baseline model – note that these figures are guidelines only:

  • If you wanted me to travel further, and therefore get home later or leave home earlier, or stay overnight, this would add to the cost.
  • If you wanted me to add a parent evening (my usual topics of understanding teenagers/wellbeing etc), I can do this as long as there is a break between it and the student session(s) – depending on the timing, this would usually be an extra £350 (if I’m doing two PT events in the day) or £450 (if I’m doing one PT session in the day), if I can reasonably get home that evening.
  • If you ask me to do the PT talk twice in your school to two different audiences, both in the same morning or afternoon – then you would pay £450 plus travel costs.
  • OR I could do one in the morning, one in the afternoon and also chat to a self-selecting group of pupils, eg a reading group or wellbeing group, at lunchtime (as long as I also get some time for lunch and peace!). This would be £580 + travel costs.

Do get in touch and feel free to ask any questions.




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