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Parent talks – handouts and resources

Apologies to readers for two posts in a row about parent talks and other events on teenage mental health and wellbeing. I promise I will be adding much richer and more interesting content from December onwards!

(If you are looking for my resources for the Cambridge Global Schools Conference talk on How to Understand the Learning Brains in Your Classrooms, that post is here.)

Over the next few days, I have two online parent talks, one tonight for Sandroyd School in Wiltshire and one next week for the British School in Bucharest. One of the good things about our new and less-than-brilliant way of working is that I can offer these events for the same fee regardless of where the host school is. The only other good things I can think of are that the schools don’t have the cost of my travel, I don’t have the boring and exhausting travel (often late at night when I’m already wrung out) and I get to make my own coffee. (I’m fussy about coffee.)

My parent talks seek to share deep and wide understanding on what makes teenagers tick. Teenagers in all their variety and diversity because, rather obviously, they are not all the same. I aim always to be clear, engaging, science-based, reassuring and empathetic.

Here are the handouts and resources for both schools

(And for anyone else who is interested.)

  1. General event handout, showing where to find more information: #1General event handout
  2. A package aimed at parents and carers: Parent/carer resources
  3. My LIFE ONLINE Parent Pack (also great for schools): Life Online Parent Pack
  4. A package aimed at teachers, pastoral staff, Heads of Department and Senior Leadership Teams: For schools
  5. A package aimed at anyone interested in the power of Reading for Pleasure (which should be EVERYONE!): Reading for Pleasure.  You’ll find some Readaxation resources there, too.
  6. Posters for schools and homes: For schools

Message for schools everywhere

Are you trying to make budgets stretch and deliver great well-being and learning benefits to students, particularly for PSHE departments and Year Heads or tutors? Of course you are!

I think my parent talks and INSET staff training sessions represent enormous value because a) they are unusually information-rich and authoritative and b) the audience can use the messages to help every young person they care about, not just now but through their lives. However, I have a much better option to replace talks for teenagers themselves. This is not only much cheaper, it’s also far more effective:

  • Take a look at my Teaching Materials. These are cleverly designed to bring ALL the benefits of a visit by me but for every student in every year group, year after year, forever – and at a fraction of the cost!
  • Perfect for delivering Health and Wellbeing themes and outcomes in the KS3 / KS4 PHSE curriculum.
  • A mix of videos, Powerpoints with audio, lesson plans, discussion points and printable worksheets.
  • Easy for teachers to deliver in the classroom. They come with clear notes to talk you through each activity, video or presentation.
  • And you can add a Live Online Q&A session with me, too.

Here is the Powerpoint. (The one I’m delivering to each school is slightly different but this is very close to both of them and will work for both sets of parents. Not that there are several EXTRA SLIDES which I deliberately did not show during the session. This allows me to give you even more value!)

Thank you to both schools for inviting me! I hope my message is mind-opening, helpful and reassuring.

Thanks, too, to all schools which have already booked events for 2021. Diary filling up scarily fast!

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Do comment but please remember that this site is for all ages.


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