Online events – what I will and won’t do

I’ll make no bones about this: online events are not as good as f2f events. A large part of what makes a real event work is the interplay between the audience and the speaker. I can’t know what you need, how you’re feeling and how you’re receiving my messages if I can’t see you. I can’t check that I’m pitching it right. I can’t tell whether I need to tell different stories, try different tacks.

But we don’t have a choice right now, do we? Also, all the travelling I did was exhausting and often frustrating and time-wasting. It was unhealthy for me and bad for the environment.

What I will not do online

  • “Normal” student-facing talks – those typical events where I’d speak to a whole year group at a time, with Powerpoint and Q&A. They just can’t be good enough online so I won’t do them. At all.

What I will do online

  • Staff or other adult training/INSET
  • A conference keynote or other session
  • A parent talk
  • Live Q&A sessions with any-sized group of students of any age from Y6 to Y13 – but no more than two consecutive year groups at a time. The details of these sessions are here.

All my online and f2f sessions come with loads of wonderful handouts you can print or share at will, including some that work well as classroom resources.

And, if you’d like the benefit of loads of visits without actually inviting me, my other Teaching Materials come with a perpetual licence so you can show and use the content over and over again in your school, without limit, forever.

Next month:

  • Exam Attack is published – free resources for you here
  • There will be chances to win books, postcards and posters
  • And I’ll be writing posts about mental health, sleep and resilience

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