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Why I’m (mostly) doing online events – and what they cost

I used to burn energy, heartbeats and the planet rushing around doing a crazy number of in-person events all around the world. In fact, almost the last trip I made was to China, just before the pandemic. (I may be a bat but it honestly wasn’t me!)

My events were expensive but people still wanted me to do them. They were exhausting and I kept dreaming of being able to stop doing them. I do love public-speaking but it stops me bring a writer. Plus, I have a life to lead and a body and mind to keep healthy and, frankly, I wasn’t living a healthy life.

Then came a pandemic. And I became adept at doing online events. I do love standing in front of an audience, despite being a major introvert with a hopeless tendency to be over-critical, which means I get almost no sleep the night after an in-person event. But I’m not going to go back to in-person events except in exceptional circumstances.

Here’s why I’m staying online:

  • Much cheaper for you – see my charges below – and ALL the extra cost of an in-person event is for the travelling: the time, energy, tickets and food. Why would you want to pay hundreds for that?
  • I can do more of them so I’m more likely to be able to say yes to your event
  • I don’t risk catching Covid while travelling. (If I catch it, I lose work and therefore income, and I put my family members at risk.)
  • There’s much less risk of cancellation either by me or you – and if we do we can easily rearrange
  • It’s just as good! It really is. It’s not just as good for me, because not seeing the audience is tricky, but it’s just as good for the audience and in some ways better.
  • I allow you to record and play it again within a certain timeframe and under certain conditions.

And one unexpected benefit of working all this out is that I’ve simplified my speaking fees and costs so it’s much easier for you to see what it might cost before enquiring.

If you’re not interested in events but would like an even better value way to deliver my messages and science to your students, scroll down to the bottom of the page now! 

Fee guidelines at August 2021

I compute my fee based on the total time the work will take, including preparation, admin and travelling. I value my time and expertise highly and I hope you do, too. I am not cheap but I believe you will get terrific value. Do discuss your budget with me, as there are often ways to reduce costs.

Please don’t ask me to speak for no fee or a very small fee unless you think there’s an incredibly good reason why I should/could work for little or nothing. If the other adults (caterers, electricians, teachers, tech people) are being paid, you can’t expect a professional speaker with years of expertise to be unpaid. However, if your budget is challenged, I will do my very best to help.

For ONLINE events:

  • A parent talk – £500 – £650 (Lower end is for straightforward topic of ideal length 1.5hours. Almost all my parent talks in the last year have been at the lower end.)
  • A student talk – c£400 for a talk and Q&A (There can be a lot of variation here, depending on what you’re asking me to do – all preparation-dependent. Reduction for 2 talks in one half-day.)
  • Note that you can book a Live Online Q&A for students for £249.99 and there’s a reduction if you book two within the same half-day
  • INSET/CPD session – £500 – £700 for a 1.5 hr session or £700-£850 for a half-day

For IN-PERSON events

Remember that I am very rarely doing in-person events now but if I do say yes, expect the following:

  • There’s a significant reduction if I do two sessions but I will very rarely do more than two on one day – you should see the energy I burn!
  • If you’re less than 1.5 hours in travelling time from me (NN17) I’d typically add £250 to the above fees (or more if you put your event in the middle of the day so I effectively lose the whole day.)
  • If more than 1.5 hours but I can reasonably get to you and back on the same day, I’d typically add £400
  • If I would need to stay a night somewhere, I’d typically add £500 (+ DBB cost)

Expenses for in-person events are extra and will be discussed in advance.

All events come with a large package of downloadable handouts and the Powerpoint to use afterwards. I also usually send you a package of posters and postcards and a couple of signed books.

Don’t delay – I have very little availability till February but I might be able to squeeze you in.


Even better value – materials to own!

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Do comment but please remember that this site is for all ages.


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