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Is it just me or are you also hiding under a metaphorical duvet till this dire weather improves? And is it just the weather or are you, like me, feeling mentally cloudy? I’m not in a good place, if I’m honest. Although I’m literally in a good place as rural Northants is a lovely, peaceful spot to exist in. But I feel existing is all I’m doing, not living. I’m sure many or even most of you feel the same. And some, of course, feeling far worse.

Which is all my way of saying sorry I’ve not written anything useful (or anything at all) here all month. I’m exhausted, bored, frazzled, overworked, underpaid, sleeping badly, pissed off and slumped under a thick cloud. Oh, and COLD!

This must change! And so it will. I will make it so. Let me tell you what I have coming up, some of which will be of interest and use to you, I promise.

Blame My Brain – a brand new updated edition

I decided that BMB needed to be updated and Walker Books agreed to let me do this. It’s my most successful book but it’s now out-of-date, in some places shamefully so. But, OMG, the revision has become a beast of a task! I’m adding a chapter (on the social brain, peer pressure, social media), rewriting a chapter (the one on male/female adolescent changes – the science hasn’t changed but how we talk about it has) and updating all the references throughout the book. This means checking every piece of research and seeing if there’s something more up-to-date. My other problem is that my writing style has changed since 2005 and I want to change EVERYTHING! But people still keep telling me how much the book has helped them so then I think maybe I should change NOTHING!

Ten Ways to Build a Brilliant Brain – for publication in 2022

This is currently with my editor and will be back on my desk soon. Not too soon, I hope, Alice…

Be Resilient – publication July 2021

I’m very proud of this new book – my second this year, after The Awesome Power of Sleep. It was triggered by the pandemic though it’s applicable for any tough times, small or big. I have the first copy in my hands and review copies will be going out very soon. If you’d like to interview me or have me do a Q&A, please do contact my lovely publicist, Nina Douglas:

The dedication is to my brother-in-law and two nieces, who lost their wife and mother – my much-loved younger sister, Jo –  a few months before the pandemic began. Their resilience has been incredible. This was also my first experience of personal tragedy and it has not been easy. It’s not supposed to be easy. Nothing can make it easy. But we can become strong enough. That’s what I learnt and what I want to share.

Website revision and new STORE

This is in progress. Stage One in June and Stage Two in Sept. I have an exciting range of new teaching materials and resources for parents, including classroom materials, tutor time inspiration, videos, training sessions and recorded webinars, and I need a new way to offer them to you. So I’m having a new store set up where you can see everything and choose a personal/domestic or school/organisation licence to suit your needs. I’m excited but there’s a LOT of work to do writing the descriptions for everything.

Tutor Bites

One of the things I’m creating to offer schools is a set of teenage brain/wellbeing-related activities perfect for school tutor times or year activities. Short, simple, fun, focused things that teachers can use to motivate, inspire and settle the young people in their year groups or classes. Things which require minimal or no preparation. Hooray! I’ve been very grateful for feedback and input from the teachers of Portsmouth Grammar School, who I’ve done a lot of work with this year: two webinars for parents, a teacher INSET session, a chat with staff about their perceptions of male/female differences and a lunchtime talk I’m doing for students on introversion soon.

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Earlier this year I did three large public webinars which were really well-received: Teenagers in a Pandemic, Understanding Your Teenagers and The Power of Sleep. Very soon the recordings will ALL be available to purchase on the new store.

Later this summer, I will be offering two more public webinars:

  1. Teens and Screens – how you and your family can live healthily with your screens
  2. Resilient Teens – how to help your young people grow stronger in tough times

I haven’t decided the dates yet. I would have liked to do it during this term but I’ve been too busy to get that set up. So one will probably be at the end of August and the other during September. I feel that term-time evenings are better for most parents. Do you agree? But they will be recorded so anyone buying a ticket will be able to watch the recording.

Events in schools / conferences

Although all my speaking engagements were obviously cancelled or postponed last year, I know have a full programme of online events, which in many ways work brilliantly and are cheaper for host organisations because I don’t spend all that time, energy and cost travelling. I plan to continue with online events but I’m happy to consider in-person ones, too. Please note that I will be doing a very limited number of any events – typically no more than two per month – and will be focusing on parent or teacher sessions, far more than student events, as I honestly think they are better value for you.

However, I am very happy to do Live Online Q&As with students – see here for details and to enquire. These work really well and are good value for you.

For all other speaking engagements, including teacher training/INSET or conference keynotes, see my Speaking Page.

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Take care. I wish you and your families and students well in whatever you’re doing. We will get through this!



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11 Responses

  1. Thank you for this blog post Nicola. I read it on the train just now. I really appreciated your candour and it made me realise that everyone is going through different challenges in their lives. I too feel exhausted, overworked, sleeping badly etc and the weather is certainly not helping!! I am trying to change my outlook too. I have started to do yoga and Pilates again which I love and is so helpful. Good luck with all your exciting developments in the next few months. My son will be starting secondary school in September so I will mention to them your offering for schools. All your titles are amazing and wish you continued success with books. And yes, we will get through this!

    1. Thank you for taking the trouble to reply, Jay. And I’m sorry you feel the same as me. But it WILL get better! And we will then soon forget. When the weather turns nice, I’ll take a half-day and do some gardening. Or reading!

  2. HI Nicola – sorry that you are having a tough time but appreciate your honesty and that you keep working to help young people. Great to hear of all the things you are doing!

  3. We are six days away from the official start of winter here – not that it is anything like English winters – and general gloom has set in. People are getting complacent about getting their Covid jabs and many are saying they won’t bother. It is all very depressing. And then, this morning, I looked in the pot where I left last year’s hyacinth bulbs and discovered tiny little green shoots peeking out. (They should flower in late winter.) There is life out there after all!

    1. They must take their jabs! It’s their social responsibility apart from anything else. (As you know.) It’s so frustrating. The vaccine programme is our only way back to normality.

  4. Thank you for this post, Nicola – brilliant as always, and I too appreciate your candour. My teens have just finished an exhausting round of GCSE/A level assessments over 6 weeks and are collapsing as is their absolute right, and while I found my mojo for a while, it has definitely gone on another leave of absence! Roll on some summer sun, and especially the possibility of hugging people! That (plus the vaccines of course) will make everything so much better.

    A query – I’m subscribed to your newsletter – do I need to sigb up separately to get wind of webinars etc?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Becca. Your teens absolutely do deserve and need that rest! As to your query, you don’t need to sign up to anything else, as you will get an automatic email with each blog post. I usually only do a small number each month (only two this month, for example) so you won’t be bombarded and you will definitely get the one about the webinars!

    2. I hear you Becca and Nicola. I am a secondary school librarian seeing these students going through 6 weeks of “exams not exams” as well as a parent of Both GCSE and ALevel teens. We went out for a meal to celebrate their resilience last night and we all breathed a collective sigh of relief. This half term I will mostly be reading and hopefully enjoying some sunshine that looks like it might be on the way. I hope you both get a break too!

      1. Lovely! My office is glass-fronted and faces West, which means that once it’s about 3pm on a sunny day it’s absolutely impossible to work in so when sunshine is forecast I try to get everything done early and then go and tend my rather too-big garden, so I’m looking forward to that! It keeps me happy and healthy. 🙂
        Wishing you all the best for the rest of term.

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