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NABSS – Spanish Schools Conference handouts

Sadly, my keynote for today’s conference of the National Association for British Schools in Spain will be delivered from the cold March dampness of my nevertheless comfortable garden office in rural England.

¡Hola to all the teachers watching and listening! I wish I could be with you.

But, collected especially for you, here is a link to a lot of handouts, including the PowerPoint presentation I’ll be speaking to. [Edited to add – now the correct link!]

And on the left is a photo of my favourite place in Spain, The Alhambra. I couldn’t guess how many times I’ve been there. I hope I’ll be back.

Thank you to NABSS for inviting me, even virtually. I really enjoyed my last visit to your conference, in actual Madrid.

The topic of today’s talk is The Learning Brains in Your Classroom. What hinders their learning and what can we do about it?

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