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How to support independent bookshops – and authors

People often ask me where I prefer them to buy my books. Here’s my chance to explain but also to promote #ChooseIndieLinks, supporting Independent Bookshop Week 19-26 June. And read on for how to get a signed card when you buy one of my books from anywhere.

I am very happy that you want to buy my books and will be grateful to you wherever you buy them


  • I’d be happier if you didn’t buy secondhand unless the bookshop is part of Author Share
  • And I would definitely not be very happy for you to buy from one of those high-discount shops such as The Works. They devastate many authors’ ability to earn. Fine when a book is about to fizzle out or it’s a special cheap edition but this is too often not the case. With the Society of Authors, I’ve campaigned against the over-use of this model and have worked to raise awareness among publishers that it is only fair and right to consult authors and agents.

You may not know that when there’s a high discount, the author usually gets much less – I mean much less, sometimes as little as nothing. So, when you buy from Amazon, as an example, we do receive less – not nothing, but pence rather than pounds. I do understand that a) everyone loves a bargain and b) many people can’t afford full prices, but if that’s the case then I’d love you to use public libraries, which are free to use but do bring a little income for authors. And we like them anyway!

However, I am not completely against Amazon for buying books (though I don’t buy them there myself) because they do raise the profile of books and make them easy to find and the Amazon review is a powerful thing. If you can give me a review, you’re undoing any pain from the low income for me so I will be grateful!

But my favourite method supports independent bookshops

And now it doesn’t even matter if you can’t get into one: there’s a way you can support them without leaving home. Let me introduce When you buy from, you can choose an independent bookshop to receive the commission. Or you can not choose a bookshop, in which case the commission goes into the pool and is shared amongst the indies in the scheme.

OR you can support an author AND a bookshop, with 10% going to each. The author and the bookshop have to be signed up to the scheme, but I am so that’s good! I have a range of my books listed and available and am building a list of other relevant books by other authors. You’ll find my little but growing bookshop HERE.

My offer to you

If you buy one of my one books listed there I will send you a personal message on an electronic card for you to print and stick in your book. All you have to do is email me a photo of the book you bought and tell me who I should sign it to and if there’s anything personal to add such as a birthday or congrats message. I don’t mind where you buy the book but please do take into consideration the points above and remember this is a post to support Independent Bookshop Week!


One Response

  1. Great reminder to support indies, thanks Nicola 🙂 I have really tried to move away from Amazon for book purchases in the last year as it used to be almost like a default to buy from them due to ease/speed, but I actually don’t buy a lot as I am a big lover of libraries (I used to work in them!) Indie bookshops also have the personal touch and the booksellers are so friendly and knowledgeable, and often have signed editions/signed book plates/bookmarks, none of which you get with Amazon!

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