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GESS Dubai conference – Resources and handouts

View from the Burj al Khalifa last time I was there

I am in Dubai for the GESS education conference. I know I’m going to be loving the opportunities to talk to teachers and educationalists from all over the world. It will be mind-widening, inspiring and affirming.

For events like this, I spend a huge amount of time preparing, not just my talks but also providing extra value for delegates by collecting and sign-posting lots more resources to support my talks.

All my GESS sessions involved having to be super-selective in what I talk about and there’s always so much more to say. So, I have these resources for you.

First, an introductory handout – WELCOME from NicolaMorgan –  so you know what’s available and where to find it.

And, as the theme of the conference is empathy, some thoughts on that, specifically cognitive empathy. Do read that, as it will help you get even more from my Keynote.

My presentations:

  1. Tues (a short session for the Ministry of Education) – Inside the Teenage Brain. This will focus on the significance of the most important brain difference and what we can do about it.
  2. Wed – Keynote: Inside the Learning Brains in your Classroom. This will be about the internal and external factors that affect teenage behaviour, especially as learners. It is scarily short – only 20 mins! – so I will need the audience to hold onto their seats as I attempt to overload their brains in a very short time. But I’m providing a lot of extras in my handouts below and will have some printed items to give away. Also, my Powerpoint has lots of extra slides at the end, to give more value.
  3. Wed (short session for the Ministry of Education): What schools must know about screens, phones and social media. Picking out the most crucial (and less often discussed) aspects.
  4. Thur (short session for the Ministry of Education): Why schools must care about teenage and adult stress. How it impacts performance. My favourite topic of brain bandwidth will feature.

My presentations will go up onto Slideshare after I’ve done them. My Slideshare page is here. Forgive me if there’s a slight delay – usually a lot of people are talking to me after a talk so I might not be able to do it immediately! (First one is up already.)

The GESS organisers will also make my Powerpoints and pdf versions available after the sessions.

These resources directly support my sessions

(You can also click the Resources tab above and choose your topic, but I’ve picked out the main resources below)

Don’t forget to use the “Resources” section of my website for even more on each topic, including links to articles I’ve written on specific topics.

Here are some other things you can use in your school:

Of course, one of the best ways to absorb knowledge on all these topics is to read books about them, so, here are mine:

I am very much looking forward to meeting you all. DO come and talk to me and ask questions! I can’t deny that I’m also looking forward to getting away from the British winter for a while. I’ve been to Dubai before and I know I’m going to enjoy that blast of heat, great food and a warm welcome.

Did you know?

I will be back in Dubai next week for the Emirates Literature Festival. Come and hear me talk to adults AND teenagers/young people on the truth about life online.

It’s in the children’s programme but my message about healthy use of our screens (especially smartphones) is for adults and young people equally. Actually, I lied: I think adults need it more. Please come! It will be very interesting, I promise. I’ll be at the festival from Tuesday March 5th till the end. Find me and talk to me! I will be bringing lots of free postcards and posters. Maybe even a book or three…

More details about my visits to Dubai here.



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