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Children’s Mental Health Week – book giveaway

Here’s what I’m doing for Children’s Mental Health Week, Feb 7-13th:

1. Visiting St Helen’s School, Northwood…

…to do a whole afternoon workshop with 120 students. I’ve developed a completely new set of activities, discussions and insights to build resilience and I can’t wait to show the girls how I can help them be even stronger than they are. I’ve ordered lovely postcards especially for them (ALL of them), 12-sided dice for a special activity, biofeedback strips to assess tension, and there’s an optional game, too, with the chance to win a book! (If you’d like me to do the same for your school, see HERE – and note that I am not offering any other school visits at the moment, though I will do a select number of staff or parent sessions, online or in-person. For details about my new events policy, see HERE.) I spoke to the parents online a couple of weeks ago and am really looking forward to meeting their daughters.

2. Carrying on caring about…

…and working towards improving the mental health of young people everywhere – I don’t need a special week.

3. Hoping to hear from my publishers…

…that they like my new book idea, which would be super-relevant to this week

All these books help young people understand themselves

4. AND having a book giveaway for YOU

Yes, I’m giving away two copies of BE RESILIENT and THE TEENAGE GUIDE TO FRIENDS to two lucky commenters. My books are my best way of helping boost children’s mental strength and health. GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED – WINNERS ANNOUNCED BELOW


  • There will be two winners. Each will win a copy of BE RESILIENT and THE TEENAGE GUIDE TO FRIENDS. I will sign the books to whomever you choose, or “open sign” them if you prefer. Each winner will also receive postcards and, if you wish, posters. (If you’re a school you probably want them but if you’re not you probably don’t – but it’s up to you!)
  • Winners will be picked randomly. I assign every valid entrant a number and run the numbers through a generator.
  • Deadline for entries is 6pm GMT Sunday Feb 13th.
  • UK addresses only. (I’ll ask for your address only if you win.)
  • One entry per person. If you want to give your household a better chance, each (human!) member may enter but each email address must be different. (NB I do not add the email addresses to a database.)
  • The instructions under “How to enter” form part of the Terms and Conditions.


  • Add a friendly comment including the words “pick me” to this post – no negative or undermining words, please
  • You don’t have to praise me but you’ll make me smile if you do
  • Make sure you accurately type your email address, otherwise I can’t contact you if you win

WINNERS: Aaaaand, the winners are Tina and Jemma 😃. Well done, both of you – your lucky day! Bad luck, everyone else, but your day will come. I will contact both Tina and Jemma to arrange for them to receive their books. BIG thanks to all who entered.

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Schools, don’t forget to think about that YOU CAN BE RESILIENT workshop opportunity. It will be available only for a few schools, simply because of my diary. So don’t delay! I’m practically at retiring age and I’m not doing this forever!




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25 Responses

  1. I have already attended one of your webinars and found it so very helpful. I wish you could visit every school to give these young people the tools they need! I have a 14 year old who is navigating upcoming brain surgery, tricky friendship dynamics and her 1st boyfriend. All makes for a colourful day to day life! Your books would be a godsend to help me to help her.

  2. We are only at the start of the teenage years and I’m already feeling a bit overwhelmed! Your advice would be a big reassurance I’m sure for my child as he starts to navigate the teenage years, and later for his sisters. Pick me! Please! Thanks for running such a great offer.

    1. I’m so sorry you feel overwhelmed. It’s very understandable but take it one step at a time, while being as prepared as you reasonably can but not in a catastrophising way – try to focus your energies most on the things you can affect.

  3. Brilliant books to read through or dip into as necessary! Valuable for families and professionals. Pick me! (Please)

  4. As a School Counsellor, I often recommend your books to young people, adding to my collection would help immensely in making appropriate recommendations. Also I love a good poster in my school counselling room! Pick me!

  5. Love your books and would love for you to pick me to win! They would be well used in my school. Brilliant giveaway, thank you!

  6. Ooh I would love to win a copy. Just made the leap from teaching to Systemic Family Therapy and I love your writing!

  7. By picking me you’ll be helping my daughters too!!
    One of which is showing signs of very much needing a copy of your books asap. I am a mindfulness teacher working in school with primary children. I think this book would be the most perfect pick for introducing to the classes too! Thank you for this opportunity and I am so grateful already! 😝

  8. Pick me please. The books would be loaned to my students so would help several people. I’d get staff to read them too to pass on the wisdom.

  9. Just discovered you tonight for my 12 (almost 13 year old daughter) we are having a really hard time just now with sleep, confidence, resilience, etc etc 😞 so this would be wonderful to help us out. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed 🤞

  10. Please pick me! Would love to win the ‘BE RESILIENT’ book for my 12-year-old son (and myself to support him), who is finding this time challenging (he hates being angry all the time and feeling low). I think this book would reassure and empower him! I also forwarded your recent email about your RESILIENT workshops for schools to his school last week. Also thank you for all your great work in this important area and helping to de-stigmatise the taboo around MH.

  11. I support the students at my school by stocking the Library with uplifting fiction, and helpful non-fiction – including yours!
    We have a display of emotionally supportive fiction for Children’s Mental health week.
    pick me!

  12. Our students have benefited so much from your books in our library. They’re tucked away on a corner with a lot of other well-being books – but I’m always finding them elsewhere on the shelves, so they are using them! Pick me!

  13. Thank you for the vital work you are doing. As a parent of two girls, it is important that they have access to information to help them at this important time of their lives. Please pick me!

  14. Pick me! Our WBA girls are still loving reading The Awesome Power of Sleep. Another read to add to their collection would really benefit their learning in their goal to become the best footballers they can be.

    Keep up the great work Nicola!

  15. Pick Me ❤️
    My son has turned 13 today (9th) and this is a completely different world to when I was a teenager. Having already suffered greatly with his mental health from a young age (10) we really struggled to get any real support but later referred to the most amazing supporting company but as parents the wasn’t really that much out there. These would be a great support to us as his parents but also him, especially as hormones are starting to kick in 😱🤪. Keep going with the fabulous awareness and the work you do xx

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