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Boosting Teenage Resilience – online event

Don’t miss this! I’m giving an online talk plus Q&A on Boosting Teenage Resilience on Sept 14th and I’m vanishingly unlikely to repeat it later. Do tell your friends with who live or work with young people.

Scroll down for an offer for schools…

Who it’s for:

  • Parents, carers, relatives, teachers and other professionals – anyone who works or lives with or cares about young people aged around 10/11 upwards (though it will also work for younger children, too – and adults!)
  • Anyone who’d like to have a better understanding of resilience for any age groups
  • People who’d like proper understanding plus practical, usable strategies to embed into daily life
  • People who’d like young people not only to withstand the storms of life but also to enjoy the sunny days

What you’ll take away:

  • Everything you need to understand and build resilience in the young people you care about
  • Everything you need to build your own resilience or that of your friends and colleagues
  • Fresh insights that make sense
  • Practical steps and strategies
  • Activities you can do in class or at home
  • A large bundle of downloadable handouts, including a link to a great 10-minute video, the Powerpoint presentation and lots of handouts you can use in school or in your family

You’ll be able to ask questions – but you don’t have to. Everyone (apart from me!) will automatically be off camera and on mute as it will be set up as a webinar not a meeting. So, for you, it’s very secure and very relaxed. I’m the only person who needs to be alert!

If you miss it or your internet signal falls over, you’ll be given the recording afterwards.

***GIVEAWAY*** I will give away signed copies of Be Resilient to lucky attendees – one book given away for every 20 of you. Names drawn with a random generator.

Special offer for schools: if you’d like to share a discount code with your parents and staff, just contact me!

Do join me. Together we can crack this.

Do comment but please remember that this site is for all ages.


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