Coming soon: Boosting Teenage Resilience video for homes and schools

Book giveaway! #BeResilient

Be Resilient is hitting the shelves on Thursday and I’m celebrating in a few ways:

  • Having coffee in a chocolate shop in Stamford with my agent in the morning
  • Having an e-launch in the evening – with fizz but no cake and there’s an interesting and relevant reason for no cake, which I’ll explain in a blog-post on Thursday entitled How to Build Resilience With a Cake Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • A BOOK GIVEAWAY for you starting TODAY


  • Add a “pick me”-style comment below
  • Before 6pm BST Fri July 2nd
  • I will pick THREE winners by random generator and each will receive a signed copy of Be Resilient AND your choice out of: The Awesome Power of Sleep, Positively Teenage, Exam Attack, Life Online, Body Brilliant or The Teenage Guide to Friends
  • If you’d like postcards and posters for your school, I’ll throw those in (carefully)

NB If you work in a school, I’ll send the first SIX of you who reply below some posters and cards for your library or foyer. Just mention that you work in a school.

And if you don’t win, you can still get a personally signed printable bookplate. All you have to do is email me and include a photo of one of my books that you’ve bought (or won or been given!) and a bit of detail about the person you’d like me to write the message to and you’ll receive something like this example on the left.

Everyone’s a winner! 

Oh, and the other thing to do if you don’t win is, of course, to consider buying the book. All my books are available here on and buying them from my bookshelf there helps independent bookshops AND me!


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24 Responses

  1. Ohhhhh, another wonderful page-turner to get stuck into & just in time for the summer holidays – thank you!!! This will be an excellent addition to the school staff CPD library (once I’ve read it!)

      1. It would be amazing to be chosen. School librarian here, your books are an important part of our our library!
        Even posters would be super!
        Thank you!

  2. I am booked on the webinar but would love to read the book first. Thank you for all you do.

  3. Oh excellent – love a giveaway, always good to keep the school book corner topped up (Subtle hint that I work in a school there too!)

  4. Your books are featured heavily on our shelf help display which uses posters and cards that we’ve been lucky enough to receive from you before. We’d love to receive material for your new book book “Be resilient”, we think our students have shown a lot of resilience in the past months but “every little helps”!
    Which email address do we use to send a picture to?

  5. Very excited to read this one! I also work in a school and would love to have any posters or postcards going. Hoping to set up a proper ‘shelf help’ section in the library for September 🙂

  6. Another page turner, that’s going to give lots of practical, sensible and useful advise to staff/parent/carers/young people.

  7. Pick me please as I am feeling very sorry for myself as self-isolating at home – I think I need to build up my resilience as well as my teenage daughters and students 😉

  8. Looks like an essential purchase for school libraries and I will definitely buy it for the 7 school libraries I work with!

  9. I’ve just listened to you talk about your new book at its online launch and am really keen to read it. We’ve got a copy on order for our school library but would love another copy to give to our Head Teacher as this is such an important issue. I’m a school librarian and mother of two teenagers so doubly useful and great for me too.

  10. Pick me, I’m a school librarian in Birmingham, we have the Teenage guide to friends, so this would make an excellent giveaway prize, the other two would be wonderful to have in our library collection for loans. 🙂

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Never miss a post, including competitions, offers, discounts and giveaways, as well as intelligent, perceptive, science-based articles. Your details will not be shared and you may unsubscribe at any time.