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Beat exam stress with Exam Attack

Exam Attack is a beautifully simple, straightforward but expert guide to beating exam stress, so that students of all abilities are geared up mentally and physically and can hit their exams with the right amount of adrenalin, enabling super-performance instead of panic or negative stress.

It’s an ebook only – too short to be a physical book! You can read it on any device: computer, tablet, iPad, phone, e-reader.

The School Library Association published a very positive review – here – and, because I love the SLA and always have, I am offering their members a 25% discount on the school licence. (The review was written way before I offered the discount and was entirely independently written! No incentives, I promise. And this discount is not because of the review but because of the wondrousness of school librarians.)

School librarians are the lynchpin of student wellbeing, bridging academic learning with the mental resilience and preparation that we all need to push through the challenges of life, whether those challenges are work-related or social, emotional or physical. Books change lives and school librarians open up the world of books.

I hope this purchase doesn’t have to come from library budgets, though! It should be a joint effort from the whole school. Exams may not be the ultimate goal of education but they are important measuring sticks, whether we like it or not (and I don’t), and the whole school should want each student to achieve their best.

[EDITED TO ADD: This book is no longer available to purchase. In 2020 it will be published in physical form and a much longer version, by Hachette Children’s Books.]


5 Responses

  1. Hi Nicola
    I’m thinking about buying this for our school. Can I just check that I would be able to just catalogue the ebook like we do any other, so that staff and students would have access to it? Thanks

    1. Hi Sharon. As long as a) it would only be possible for students and parents of your school to access it and b) there was some kind of message making it clear that this could only be shared within the households of students of your school, yes, absolutely.

      1. PS Thinking a bit more: it’s worth pointing out that when you get the folder, it contains the ebook as a pdf (and some other pdfs) so I just wanted to check that you can share pdfs on your system? So, NOT an ePub or Kindle file.

      2. Hi Nicola
        Yes I’m thinking if its a PDF we can just catalogue the details, and put the PDF in the catalogue record as a file, held on our school portal. That way, only students or staff who are logged into the school network would have access to it. Would that be ok with you?

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