The Teenage Guide to Life Online is coming SOONER…

… than originally planned. Originally it was going to be Feb 2019; then Nov 2018. Now we’ve decided that this is a topic that can’t wait so we’re pulling all the stops out and it will hit the shelves in June this year. Since Positively Teenage comes out in May, this means a very busy Summer for me! And to think I’d hoped to be spending a lot more time dealing with my own wellbeing by cultivating my garden… Hmm. Can’t compromise on that. After all, I’m supposed to lecture you lot on wellbeing so I have to set a good example. *dreams of picking tomatoes and strawberries*

but I’m sure you agree that this is a critically timely book. There’s so much in it that I’m already talking about in my sessions with teenagers, teachers, pastoral staff and parents. It covers positives AND negatives. It’s really important that we don’t ignore the positives. We must not fall into the trap of demonising screens.

How schools can help prevent helicopter parenting

Positives such as knowledge, expertise, entertainment, friendships and networks, support with specific problems, empathy, the value of skim-reading, opening minds, creative and technical opportunities.

Negatives such as attention/distraction problems, multi-tasking, over-sharing, addiction, sexting, self-esteem issues, the problem of skim-reading, less conversation, less physical exercise, fake news, deceit, info overload, continuous partial attention, lowering mood, raising anxiety, lack of time to dream. And the obvious aspects of safety and cyber-bullying.

It aims to inform and empower, with good information and practical strategies for us all. And I am very clear that any behavioural rules must be for adults as well as teenagers!

I’ll be working on some special events for this – do get in touch, but bookings will probably need to be for the Autumn or later as my Summer is pretty booked up. I’m about to announce some Positively Teenage event opportunities and will be prioritising those as they are a slightly different audience from my usual teenage-only or adult-only ones.

Meanwhile, I’ve been online far too long today. Off to sow some sweet pea seeds.




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