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Podcast interview for You Inside Out on social media, screens and self-esteem

Recently, I really enjoyed being interviewed by the tour de force that is Sonja Lewis, creator of the You Inside Out blog and podcast for girls. Of course, lots of things are the same for boys and girls, so many websites (including my own) cater for both equally or don’t differentiate – after all, we are all humans, and that drives us far more than gender does – but there are also some times when we want and need to think of the aspects of ourselves that are gender-related. There are some different things that girls or boys experience, different issues, different viewpoints, and they all need space and validation. So it’s great that You Inside Out exists.

We spoke for over an hour and I am in awe of how cleverly Sonja managed to distill that into a much shorter episode! It’s here. Do have a listen. I think she asked great questions and we covered some really valuable points. You’ll discover how supportive my message for young people is and how strongly I make the point that many adults do not behave well online at all. Young people, tell your adults to behave and show them why and how!

Sonja has also blogged about it and why the topic interested her personally here.

I hope you find it interesting. I think it would work really well as something for schools to listen to and discuss in PSE/PHSE lessons.

Of course, the messages echo what I say in The Teenage Guide to Life Online. Listen to the podcast or read the book – or, even better, both!

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