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“Be Internet Legends” – FREE internet safety resource for KS2

Teachers of KS2 (upper primary) might like this free resource from ParentZone and Google, Be Internet Legends. I can’t check it out, as I’m not a primary school teacher, but it has been awarded the PHSE Association’s quality kitemark, which is a good sign.

And, while I’m on the subject, I am currently working with Walker Books on some giveaways and a schools competition to launch the publication of The Teenage Guide to Life Online. So, if you’re interested, keep your eyes open here and on Twitter! It’s suitable for Year 6 upwards. I’m also preparing some free teachers’ notes.

And not only that, but Positively Teenage comes out soon, too, and we have not only giveaways and a competition planned but also MUGS! Perfect for school librarians!

Do comment but please remember that this site is for all ages.


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