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#26 52 WAYS to WELL-BEING: Be healthy online

Following from yesterday’s #25 (Switch Off Screens), #26 is more detailed, covering the whys and hows of how to have good online well-being. And I can do no better than direct you to this post here.

More detail is in The Teenage Guide to Life Online but I try to give as much advice free on my website as I can.

You are welcome to:

  • Download a poster for schools/libraries HERE.
  • Download free Teaching Notes for the book HERE.
  • Download a card/poster of four top tips for online wellbeing HERE. I will also send a physical signed one any time you buy a signed book from my website.

That’s half of my 52 Ways to Well-being done! And we’re not halfway through the year. I do like to be ahead of my deadlines – in fact, it’s something I know I need in order not to feel too stressed. I hate the feeling of being behind so I work really hard to stop that happening.

In fact, there’s a scientific theory that supports this: it’s the theory of scarcity, described in a fascinating book, Scarcity: Why having too little means so much, by Eldar Shafir and Sendhill Mullainathan. When we have too little time (or money or food), we can behave in suboptimal ways, because our brain bandwidth is preoccupied by the need to have more of the thing we lack. So, if we feel we lack the time for something, this is inherently stressful and that stress can lead us to make mistakes: push ourselves too hard, panic, overthink.

My way of preventing the problems of this is to make sure I do have enough time where possible, by keeping ahead of my deadlines. It doesn’t always work because it isn’t always possible but I know that leaving things till I have to do them is not good for my performance so I try to do them before I have to. Some people might call it self-discipline. I call it self-preservation.


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