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BLAME MY BRAIN – a teenage brain event!

posted by Nicola Morgan on Wednesday 17th October 2012. 14 Comments so far.

EDITED TO ADD: this event sold out very quickly – sorry! I’m delighted at the response, though. Many in the audience are teachers, youth workers, and members of Scottish government departments, as well as parents, and I’m really looking forward to being able to engage with a really varied and interested audience. Do contact me if you’d like to be on the waiting-list in case of cancellations. ALSO, do let me know if you’d like me to keep you informed when I do other brain events around the country. 


Are you just occasionally driven demented by your teenagers? Do you ever despair for their futures, worry about their risk-taking, roll your eyes at their emotional volatility? (While ignoring your own.) Do you wonder what is going on in their heads? Do you believe you were “never like that”? (Or do you know you were, and that’s why you’re worried?) Perhaps you teach them or work with them. Perhaps you don’t yet have a teenager but you’ve heard rumours…

If so, I have organised a special event for you, if you can get to Edinburgh on Monday November 26th, 2012. This will be the only public opportunity to hear me talk about the teenage brain before a new edition of Blame My Brain comes out next May. At this event I will reveal the new and fascinating material that is going in the new edition. There will be handouts for further reference, including interesting new advice about sleep. (Sleep for your teenagers, not you…)

NB: the first 15 people to book a place will receive a voucher for an EXTRA £1 off a book bought on the night. (Added to the discounts already on offer.)

When? Monday 26th November, 7pm.  Talk with Q&A, followed by time to socialise and buy signed books at discount. (My other books will also be available. That’s Christmas sorted!)

Where? Royal Terrace Hotel, Edinburgh – luxury central Edinburgh hotel with excellent conference and bar facilities, and free parking in the evenings. I will be providing refreshments after the talk.

Cost? £12.50

I have so much to tell you about the teenage brain, things that will fascinate, inspire and also reassure parents and any adults working or living with teenagers. I aim to offer an evening that is mind-opening and will change the way you look at adolescents. Please come! And tell your friends.

For more details, see this event details document.

To reserve a space on the waiting-list or if you’d like to hear about future events, email me: n@nicolamorgan.co.uk. 


14 comments so far

  • Pam from Nottingham recommended to follow you. I can’t attend the event, but hopefully after it you ‘ll post some tips here that I can us ein my YA fiction.. have a great event.

    • Hello, Giora, and thanks for commenting. I’m not sure what tips would help with a novel, to be honest! I do write YA novels, too, but this event is just about my non-fiction book about the teenage brain, so it probably wouldn’t help. Huge good luck with your writing.

  • Oh. I thought that you will talk about teenagers’ brains: about how they think. Knowing how teens think, lead to knowing what they like to read and hence helping YA authors to connect with them.

  • Hmm, it’s not really the way i work when writing YA fiction. Also, I wrote YA novels for years before I knew about their brains! There are definitely some academically interesting aspects for a novelist, but I don’t think it’s necessary to know any neuroscience to know how to write for them. None of my friends who are YA novelists think about the brains when writing novels, I don’t think! In a way, I can see why you would think it would help, but I think all you need to know is how to tell a great story fro a teenager’s POV – and, since you’ve been a teenager yourself, you know that as well as anyone!

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    • Denyse – I’ll go anywhere if someone can find the fee! Since schools and libraries rarely do, govt initiatives seem to be the only sources of funding these days. So, if you know how to find some funding, I’d be more than happy to come.

  • Hi Nicola,

    I’ve been trying to get in touch with you regarding tickets for this event. I am a Depute Head at a School in Edinburgh and I plus a number of colleagues would like to come along. However I can’t seem to get hold of you on your email address. Could be a problem with our firewall but if you could possibly email me back so we can put in an order.

    • Kate – thanks so much for getting in touch here. I’m very worried to hear that you’ve been having trouble getting hold of me by email. On the one hand, I hope it is your firewall but on the other hand that’s not very good for me if schools sometimes don’t get a reply form me and maybe think I’m ignoring them! I will email you later this morning – if you don’t hear from me in the next hour, assume my email has also gone astray and comment here again so that I can think of Plan B!

  • Hi Nicola
    I work for Parenting across Scotland and would also like to come along but am having the same problem booking as Kate (above) – email keeps bouncing back. Could you please email me? I’d like to book 2 tickets.

  • Hi
    have just read comment, I have just emailed you for 2tickets for your talk in Edinburgh, but just in case there is a problem
    You will get my email here.
    I am a foster carer with a teenager would very much love to here what you think about the teenage brain

  • Hi Nicola,

    I have booked in and have not heard back, just checked your website again, the place all sold out. ( crying)

    Is it possible squeeze me in tonight?

    I dont know whether you can see my message.



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