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Event Terms and Conditions

These Terms become active once we have agreed that the event is taking place. At that point, I send you an agreement form to sign, which will have the details we have agreed.


  • If I cancel, no fee will be charged unless I felt forced to cancel because you wished to make substantial late changes which I couldn’t accommodate.
  • If you cancel more than three calendar weeks before the event, half the fee is payable, plus any incurred costs. (If we can arrange another date within six months of the original date, a £25 admin fee is payable instead.)
  • If you cancel under three weeks before the event, full fee is payable. (The same re-arrangement option applies.)
  • If I am prevented from reaching you by illness, accident, weather, transport failure or other similar problem, we each bear any costs we’ve already incurred and we try to rearrange.

Extra terms for online events

Set up

  • The event would generally be set up by you, using your preferred platform. However, I am able to host a Zoom event myself if you prefer, as I have a paid account. (I would make an extra charge for this.) I can also, if you wish, provide the services of my business assistant who could manage to tech side during the event.

In the event of technical failure, we would do one of the following, agreed between us:

  • Rearrange another date within six months – same fee and terms.
  • I would record myself doing the talk and make this available to your audience for a limited time and with certain conditions to prevent sharing – same fee.

Events using Microsoft Teams

Because of frequent problems as an external speaker on Microsoft Teams I now charge a £100 excess for using this platform. (It’s that bad!) This is partly because we will need a tech check before the day. However, if everything goes completely smoothly at the check and on the day, I deduct this excess. How well this goes depends on how Teams is set up by the host organisation so this is in your hands!

Payment terms 

  • Please do not deduct tax or try to add me to the pay roll. I am registered as self-employed (since 1985) and pay all my taxes. Self-employed people pay some tax in advance, long before earning it, so it is very difficult if we are wrongly taxed at source. If this happens, I would have to pass on to you my accountant’s substantial fees for rectifying this.
  • My HMRC tax reference (UTR) and NI numbers will be on my invoice, with my postal address and phone number. HMRC does not require me to provide any other information to prove my self-employed status and if your finance department asks me to fill in any forms a) I would make an admin charge (usually £75) and b) I reserve the right to refuse to give information that I regard as personal or intrusive.
  • If you wish me to include any other specific information, such as a Purchase Order number, on my invoice, please tell me in advance Any correspondence (or resending an invoice because I was not given the information) in order for me to receive payment may incur an admin charge, typically £75, again at my sole discretion
  • I am happy to be paid by cheque or BACS. Details for both will be on my invoice, which I will send after the event.
  • Payment terms are 30 days from invoice, but if this doesn’t suit your system you are welcome to request a different time-scale; however, do let me know – for example by adding a note to your signature below, otherwise I may add a late payment supplement, whichever is greater of 10% or £50 pcm or part thereof.
  • Non-UK payments must be received in GBP sterling as the full amount invoiced.

Public Liability Insurance and CRB/Disclosure

  • I have PL insurance with the Society of Authors, with a cover of £5million. I can’t provide a copy of this but please contact the SoA if you wish to confirm.
  • Note that a condition of all such insurance is that an author is never left alone with pupils.
  • Authors visiting a particular school on an irregular basis are not required to have any CRB, DBS or similar disclosure document.

Recording and filming

  • Recording my talks (whether online or in-person) without permission is against copyright law. However, on request, I usually allow recording under certain conditions, which will include a time limit and password protection.
  • Students and staff must have all recording devices and cameras switched off and out of sight. They should not take photos without permission from me. Exceptions will be made for accessibility and inclusivity reasons but must be discussed with me.

I am very much looking forward to working with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if anything is unclear.

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