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Buy together: Tackling Stress videos AND Stress Well

Tackling Stress (Video set + extras):

Stress Well for Schools (Complete course on stress management):

Tackling Stress gives all the benefits of a personal visit by Nicola Morgan at a fraction of the cost

Two videos, Understanding Stress and Stress Strategies, bringing all the benefits of a personal visit by Nicola Morgan at a fraction of the cost and with far greater value because you can play the videos to every year group, forever. Accompanied by extra materials to extend discussion and give deep understanding of how to manage stress and improve well-being and performance. Nicola speaks directly to the audience in her trademark reassuring manner, always relying on strong science and the widest understanding of human behaviour. 

Part One details the biology of stress and explains the positives and negatives. Part Two shows students (and teachers) the importance of controlling stress and gives them practical strategies. There are frequent pauses to check understanding. The accompanying video – ‘Introducing Nicola Morgan’s Work’ – shows students why they can trust Nicola to help, inform and reassure them. There’s a real personal flavour to these videos and students will feel Nicola is there with them, helping them succeed.

Stress Well for Schools is a complete course for 11-18's

A complete, scientifically robust, simple-to-deliver and beautifully-structured course to teach everything young people (11-18) need to know about stress management for their wellbeing and top performance. Exceptional value, highly flexible and adaptable to either short sessions or longer double lessons.


It sits brilliantly within the PSHE curriculum for KS3 and KS4, addressing Core Theme 1: Health and Wellbeing. You could teach it as a unit within that, allowing you to address elements of ‘Mental health and emotional wellbeing’ and ‘Healthy lifestyles’. The materials consist of shareable, printable pdfs and Powerpoints and can be used by any adult in a school setting.

The material is split into three topics

Understanding stress

What and why: the biology

Stress and you

What happens in your body and mind


Practical solutions and tricks

Why not increase the benefits with a Live Q&A session with Nicola afterwards?

Key features of the Tackling Stress video set

Key features of Stress Well for Schools

Award-winning author and international expert in adolescence and teenage stress

About the creator

Nicola Morgan

Nicola Morgan, The Teenage Brain Woman, is a hugely-respected authority in secondary schools around the world. She is the multi-award-winning author of many novels and non-fiction books for young people and is known for her insightful reassurance and empathy, as well as her crystal-clear grasp of the human science that underpins her information books and talks. On the back of this success, Nicola has also developed valuable teaching materials in the form of videos and classroom resources on wellbeing and managing stress in schools. She is a Cambridge University graduate in Classics and Philosophy and holds postgraduate diplomas including one in Youth Counselling. In 2018 she won the School Library Association’s Outstanding Contribution Award for Information Books.

“Each topic is well researched with current and relevant information for the intended audience, whether it be for students or parents. Her delivery is focused, precise and most important of all, totally engaging.”
Rosie Pike
Librarian and Festival of Literature Co-ordinator, Bishop's Stortford College

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