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Dear Agent – Write the Letter That Sells Your Book

dear agent

Olly Munson, literary agent at Blake Friedmann, said, “Writers underestimate the significance of the covering letter at their peril and you’ve done a wonderful job explaining just why this first point of contact is so crucial. DEAR AGENT is packed with sage advice and more often than not had me nodding my head in agreement.”

Description: You’ve written the best book you can and you believe there are readers for it, but how do you persuade an agent or publisher to take it on? The first thing they will see is your letter or email and this short document must sell your book, make it stand out from the crowd, make it (and you) desirable. Dear Agent contains detailed expert advice, covering the best structure for your letter, what to put in (and what to leave out), the answers to the questions writers ask, and all the horrible mistakes to avoid. Make your book stand out for all the right reasons.

Dear Agent is the companion book to the best-selling Write a Great Synopsis – An Expert Guide. Literary agent, Carole Blake, said of Write a Great Synopsis,  “The advice is pure gold.”

US readers are telling me that this and Write a Great Synopsis are also very useful for US writers. Hooray!

Now available from my online shop– this is not only the cheapest place to buy it, it’s also the only way that 100% of the price goes to me, which is lovely for me! AND you get all formats in one go, so you can read it on any device. So, for example, you can download it to your Kindle, computer, tablet, Nook, whatever.

If you prefer to use Amazon, the UK link is here and the Amazon US link is here.

Review comment

Merric Davidson, Publisher of The New Writer magazine (and previously a top literary agent himself) said, “Worth reading for the author’s “Twenty Tips To Get You Started” alone – but that’s just for starters. These nuggets should be plastered to the wall in front of everyone who’s reached the “lets try it out on an agent” stage. But don’t stop there, for if you do you will miss the wisdom of one who knows.

“This is a tightly written, easy to follow, essential volume which cuts through all the nonsense and mystique about what you should/should not do when approaching agencies. In fact, this book explains that, hey, agents are really just people, not godheads!

“And always remember Morgan’s Hierarchy of Obedience which ‘puts the agent at least a three-inch heel above you, until you’ve got a six-book deal, at which point you get to wield the heels.’  So true.”

Popular blogger, Bookwitch, writing about Nicola’s work: “… she writes the way I want to…She writes great children’s novels, but it’s Nicola’s non-fiction – and her shoes – that I’m willing to kill for… There is not a thing missing. Nicola deals with it all in her – how shall I put it? – calling-a-spade-a-spade style.”