NEW Stress Well for Schools – special summer offer

I recently updated the popular Stress Well for Schools and I’m now relaunching it with an exciting offer: buy Stress Well for Schools by July 31st 2020 and get 40% off a Brain Stick; do that and you’ll get two free books* for your school. If you just want Stress Well for Schools, choose one free book. But Brain Sticks are a vast selection of activities and enormous value even at full price!

Anyway, Stress Well is what I’m focusing on, especially because, as schools return during and after COVID-19, they are desperately going to need something to help students learn to manage their stress and survive – and thrive – through adversity. That’s exactly what Stress Well for Schools does, showing each young person how to:

  1. First, understand stress and see it in context
  2. Second, recognise how it affects their individual body and brain
  3. Third, select and use strategies to minimise the negative effects of anxiety so that stress can do its job: engineer super-performance

Stress Well for Schools is:

  1. Based on strong science – human neuroscience and psychology
  2. Beautifully-structured
  3. Easy to use – no background knowledge required
  4. Perfect for the PSHE curriculum at KS3 and 4 –  Core Theme 1: Health and Wellbeing, addressing of ‘Mental health and emotional wellbeing’ and ‘Healthy lifestyles’
  5. Ideal as a complete teaching unit
  6. Also perfect for tutor times and short activities in any class

Much better than inviting me to visit – and far cheaper. All your students can benefit, every year group, every year, forever, instead of just the ones who happened to hear me speak. And you don’t have to make me coffee!

My mission in life is to help young people thrive and I truly believe Stress Well for Schools will do just that.

How to use the offer:

  1. Go to the Stress Well page and choose your payment method
  2. Use the code SW40 to purchase – whether by email (for BACS) or using the form on that page (for Paypal or BACS)
  3. Don’t forget to choose your free book(s)!
  4. And feel free to buy some other books by adding them to your order. If ordering more than 5, ask me for a discount.

Please spread the word! Together, we can help young people survive and thrive mentally and physically through stressful times. We can help them stress well.

Do comment but please remember that this site is for all ages.