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Happy birthday, HappySelf! And a big giveaway

It’s the 4th birthday of HappySelf, the journal creators, and I’m part of their celebration giveaway. They’ve picked their favourite brands and books within each of their four age categories – 3-6, 6-12, teen and grown-up – and I’m selected in the teen category. So, hooray!

Let me tell you about the giveaway and then I’ll give you ALL something else myself.

HappySelf giveaway

There are giveaways in each age category running between the 18th and 21st on both the HappySelf Instagram and Facebook pages.

I’m contributing a bundle of FOUR books: Ten Ways to Build a Brilliant Brain, Positively Teenage, Teenage Guide to Friends and Life Online, plus postcards and posters as part of the Teen giveaway which is live tonight Saturday 20th at 8pm.

You can enter on both the HappySelf Instagram and Facebook pages:

  • HappySelf Instagram – here you need to need to like/comment and go and like the other brands

The other brands on the Teen day are: Spots and Stripes Teen bundle, Lots of Lovely art teen box and a Lumie light, so a really nice mix of brands.
Enter for all four days to win goodies from ages 3 to Grown-up!

Happy birthday, HappySelf! Congratulations on guiding so many people of all ages through the experience of journalling, which very many people find so useful, rewarding, calming and empowering.

Something else for you

As families get ready to begin a new school year, with all the excitement but also challenge that brings, I’m having a ready-for-school sale, with lots of items generously reduced. I can’t say how long I’ll keep the prices low but I’m very impulsive so I’d say HURRY! There are book packages, videos (with loads of extras) for homes and families, and training resources for schools and organisations.


Good luck with your giveaway entries!



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