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Boosting Teenage Resilience – new resources for you

Recently I did a popular public webinar on Boosting Teenage Resilience. I demonstrated my own resilience by somehow managing not to cough for well over an hour. Mind you, the cough turned out to be pretty resilient, too, and eight weeks later we are still battling it out between us.

Anyway, I now have the recorded version all edited and polished and available to buy with a mass of extras – handouts on resilience, the Powerpoint, another PowerPoint and handouts on anxiety and stress. There are two separate licences, one for individuals/households and one for schools/organisations.

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Medium-sized print:

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My shop has items for parents/carers/individuals as well as for schools/organisations. Sometimes it’s the same content but with a different set of permissions in the licence. All huge value! And more items in the pipeline, including a package on Building Healthy Screen Habits. To make sure you don’t miss out on the best discounts, subscribe to the site/blog – you can check out AND leave any time you want.

Feedback from the webinar:

“Thank you for last night. It was such a productive hour. A number of my colleagues joined and found it very useful also. We use your Teenage Brain materials in our S2 PSE programme (I attended a course with you several years ago in Edinburgh) but we now have lots of ideas of how we can integrate more about the teenage brain and resilience in our other year programmes … so thank you.” Louisa McEwan

“Online workshop on teenage resilience on Wednesday was brilliant. On teaching teens the skills to tackle something differently (change attitude isn’t much use if you don’t have the skills to implement it)” Melissa Jordan on Twitter

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed last night.  I thought that was your best yet despite the laryngitis which must have been playing on your mind.“ Viv Lamb PSHE coordinator Oakham School

Returning soon, by popular demand:

BRAIN STICKS, nifty USB sticks (or electronically available if you really don’t want a USB stick in a cute branded box with a compulsively magnetic lid…) preloaded with over 100 ideas, activities and learning points for secondary schools to teach about the human brain, teenage brain, and boosting health and well-being.

“…genuinely the very best CPD I have ever attended – absolutely focused on the issues we are dealing with in school right now and perfect for sharing with colleagues, pupils and parents.” Scottish Council of Independent Schools conference

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