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Exam Attack Top Tips competition

To celebrate the publication of Exam Attack on Thursday (8th Oct), a competition. This time, there’s a little more to it than my usual Pick me comps. You actually need to think a little bit – but not too much, I promise!

You have to do two things:

  1. Read the ten tips I’ll put below and vote for the one you think is most important. There’s no right or wrong answer: I am just interested in your opinion! If you wish, say why you chose that one.
  2. Share an exam tip of your own. I’ll then choose the one I like most! It might be one I already have in the book or it might be one I will wish I’d included! But either is equally worthy of winning. It just needs to be good advice.

Answers in a comment below.


  1. Deadline 8pm UK time Thursday Oct 8th. HURRY!
  2. My opinion is final. (And I know I’ll find it difficult.)
  3. Entries open to anyone in the UK. Individual or school or organisation. Please state whether you are a school, individual or other.
  4. Two winners will each receive any 4 of my wellbeing books: Exam Attack, Body Brilliant, Positively Teenage, Blame My Brain, The Teenage Guide to Stress, The Teenage Guide to Friends or The Teenage Guide to Life Online.

PLUS: I have a selection of posters and cards to give away to as many schools as possible – all of you, if you’re lucky!

Here are the tips:

Over to you! Vote, create, share.

Together, we can help students attack exams confidently, calmly, successfully.

Do see this short video trailer.

Coming soon: a free video interview with 16yo Imogen who recently aced her GCSEs despite COVID-chaos.

Coming later: Exams With Confidence, a teaching video for schools to introduce the topic of exam prep to students of all abilities.


10 Responses

  1. Good revision is not re-reading – better to re-write is my favourite of the above.
    My tip is:
    read the question fully before you start to answer it and then re-read it again!

  2. Good revision is being honest – which areas do you (or the children) struggle with the most? Prioritise that until you feel in a position where you are able to tackle that question.

    I’ve been teaching Year 6 in South London for 4 years and found that strategy really works as it applies to all learners; everyone has one area or more they find difficult. It gives a sense of completion too, that they can work on something, master it and feel ready to take their SATs.

    1. Hi Dominic, to enter the comp, make sure you do both the things required in the post. (You need to vote for your favourite tip of mine as well as giving your own excellent one.)

  3. Good revising is not re-reading:far better to re-write – this is very true, something about actually writing information, in a mind map for example seems to make it stick!

    If you’re studying at home, try and maintain a “study ambience” when you’re working, if you go on youtube’s audio library you can find library study sounds, library ambient sounds etc. These can help put your head in the right place, when you stop working change the ambience!

    I am a library assistant in a secondary school, we usually have many yr11s revising in the library as the year goes on and have a board with info for them. We’re now using Wakelet a lot due to the current circumstances. Exam attack would be very be very useful for us and our students.

  4. The above tip I like is no2 ask for help early teachers peers there to help also I personally do t have experience with study however I did read for my daughter who had dyslexia is to do 10 min study when she feels the urge to and I think that sounds good for her

  5. Prioritise sleep. It will help you feel and learn well. This is my favourite tip from your list.

    Following on from your tip, my tip would be to study when you feel able to and don’t feel bad for taking time off. There is no point in sitting for hours staring at a book, but not really taking in the information. Revision time is about quality not quantity!

    I am an individual, but if I won I would like the books to go to my daughter’s school.

  6. Happy Publication Day!
    All your tips are great but my favourite is ‘Care for your wellbeing and your brain will work better’ This is so important as there is a lot of stress and pressure on young people leading to panic attacks, burnout etc, so there needs to be a balance between revision and relaxation.
    My tip for revision is if you are feeling stressed or anxious near to your exam, do simple controlled breathing exercises deeply and slowly by inhaling through the nose for 5 seconds, hold for 1 second and then exhale through the nose for 5 seconds, which forces your body into a state of calm. Neuroscience proves this works to help you to keep calm 🙂

  7. My favourite tip from your list is to priorities sleep it will help you learn and feel better. I picked this one because if you are sleep deprived you won’t be able to function to the best of your ability so its better to get a good night sleep then it is to do last minute cram revision the night before because the likelihood is you won’t remember it anyway.

    My tip is every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. I picked this tip because you can’t accomplish your dreams with out starting it or trying it out first. You will never of known what you could of been able to accomplish or achieve if you never tried it out and given it a shot because you have nothing to lose by giving everything ago.

    I was a y11 student in the class of 2020 and really struggled to know how to revise effectively so was very proud when I received my GCSE results. Also through me releasing I didn’t have a revision technique I set up a instagram account where I decided to help other young people by sharing revision techniques and how to reduce exam stress because I discovered that I was not the only one who struggled with finding effective revision strategies which in turn led to people getting exam stress because they didn’t know how to properly revise.

Do comment but please remember that this site is for all ages.


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