The Teenage Brain Woman

Understanding teenage brains, minds and lives; how wellbeing affects learning; the truth of screens and social media; dealing with exam stress and anxiety; the science of  sleep; the art of resilience; and the benefits of reading for pleasure. Book a Live Q&A or training session, buy brilliant teaching materials and classroom videos, explore my award-winning books and immerse yourself in fascinating psychology on my blog.


The Teenage Brain Woman

Understanding teenage minds and lives; how stress affects learning; how to live well with screens and social media; and the benefits of reading for pleasure.  Dive into my website to book a talk, buy my unique teaching materials, explore my award-winning books or immerse yourself in fascinating human science.

Who am I?

Who I am ~ Video interviews ~ Biogs for event organisers

My topics of expertise

Teenage brains
and lives

Inside the fascinating teenage brain ~ I bring you the science, explanations and reassurance

and beating stress

Stress management, with intriguing insights into brain bandwidth and multi-tasking ~ For all ages, for life

The reading

The science of reading and the benefits of reading for pleasure and  “readaxation”


A no-nonsense expert look at the negatives and positives of life online for teenagers and adults

In action

Teaching materials

My popular materials are used in schools all over the world to teach wellbeing and boost learning for life. Perpetual licences make them exceptional value.

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