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Not leaving, but moving

Mr M and I are on the move. We have sold in Edinburgh (that pic is the almost-on-our-doorstep view we’re leaving) and bought (subject to contract…) in a gorgeous Northamptonshire village within easy...

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Resources about sleep and teenagers

This is a growing list of resources on the topic of sleep and teenagers. Article on night-time use of social media being associated with poor sleep and stress...

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Resources for today’s INSET

Resources for tomorrow’s INSET for Oakham School and this evening’s talk to all staff. Resources on adolescence to support my presentation Resources on teenage sleep Exam tips sheet for...

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New book deal: The Teenage Guide to Friends

My lovely main publisher, Walker Books, has just announced our new deal, for The Teenage Guide to Friends. Although I’ve known about this for a while, I’m still...

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Certificate in Counselling

I’m doing a Diploma in Youth Counselling and very interesting it is, too. I’m not planning to be a counsellor but I’m often approached by teenagers in an unofficial...

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