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INSET day at Portobello High School

Today I’m back at my old home in Edinburgh for an INSET day with all the staff of Portobello High School. I’m very excited about this one, because...

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Positively Teenage

Announcing a new venture! Positively Teenage™. Do let me know what you think, either privately or publicly. It’s very much only in a fledgling state just now, and...

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Non-fiction and empathy

I’m speaking on a panel at Waterstones, Piccadilly  this evening, for an event about children’s non-fiction and its role in Reading for Pleasure, and I’ll be referring to...

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How can teenagers help a friend with mental illness?

A parent emailed me about this the other day on behalf of a son whose friend suffers from depression and anxiety. First, it’s wonderful that the son cares enough about his friend that he’s...

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Resources for today

I’m in Oxford today (a weepingly early start – 4.45am!) at a conference of psychotherapists in Oxford. It’s a repeat(ish) of one I did in Perth last year with Dr...

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Resources for my talk in Oakham library

Delighted to be doing an event in Oakham library to launch the Reading Well Books on Prescription for Young People scheme. Look at the righthand menu for links...

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An opportunity for schools! Free STRESS WELL resources

Two, actually. First and most importantly, I’m writing a set of downloadable and printable resources – called STRESS WELL FOR SCHOOLS – on teenage stress for schools, aimed...

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