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Reading is not spinach, even with squid

I’m doing the closing keynote at Dyslexia Scotland’s Education Conference conference today. Dyslexia Scotland is a wonderful organisation, working so hard to improve the lives of dyslexic children at...

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Teenage brain/stress for CILIP/SLG

This evening I’m doing a couple of events for CILIP/SLG. Fyi, btw, CILIP/SLG stands for – take a deep breath - the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals/School Libraries...

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What is the point of author/illustrator visits?

The society of Authors Children’s Writers and Illustrators Group committee, of which I’m a member, commissioned a survey of schools about their experiences of author/illustrator events. And I...

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York Festival of Writing – resources and stuff

Today and tomorrow, I’m teaching at the exhausting but stimulating and exciting York Festival of Writing, which will be full of writers serious about their writing and becoming published, and...

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Teenagers on The Teenage Guide to Stress

Two recent lovely responses to The Teenage Guide to Stress: From a mother who had been to one of my events with her 14yo daughter: “Last night you spoke...

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